Sunday, June 10, 2018

King County Fair

has so many things growing in his garden! Tomatoes. Zucchini. Squash. Raspberries. Blueberries. Grapes. Pumpkins. Eggplants. Artichokes. Cilantro. Thyme. Rosemary. Oregano. Peppers. Cherry tomatoes. Pineapple. Corn. Mint. So much lavender. I'm probably missing some! Our garden is so fun to spend time in. We're giving it extra love as we get into 100+ degree days. Michael also fixed our sprinkler this week and I'm continually amazed at how he figures out how to fix things. Super grateful for how handy he is!

started my official Etsy shop this week and it feels fun to have that going! I have finished almost 25 cross stitch families now and each one I finish is my new favorite. I have so much on my mind right now with getting all of our upcoming plans in order, starting with our Utah trip that's coming fast. Summer is turning out to be extremely busy and I'm grateful for that. I loved taking the boys to the King County Fair in Hanford this weekend with Michael. We randomly found it online and decided to drive an hour south and do the fair thing and watch Lonestar perform. Westin LOVED the Ferris Wheel, which I was surprised by. I thought he'd be afraid of it but he loved every second and so did Bennett. They also loved the tractors and animals, and I thought it was really fun to see Lonestar perform. I loved a lot of their songs growing up. We actually stayed to the fair until 9:30 at night which, if you know me and my love for early bedtimes, was pretty crazy. But we were all having fun and we just needed a night out. Definitely paid for that on Sunday afternoon though -- back to those beautiful early bedtimes!

is officially signed up for preschool! And he's really excited about it. I have gone back and forth and back and forth. And back and forth, and back and forth about that decision. Finally we went and toured a spot nearby that a few of his friends are going to, and he's going to absolutely love it. It's a movement based preschool that will include gymnastics and music, and it also includes a separate swimming lesson once a week. I think he's really going to love it! He starts in August, and he also keeps talking about swimming lessons coming up in July. He's getting bigger. I can't believe he's old enough to do these things. Preschool will only be two days a week in the afternoons, so he won't miss out on any of our daily adventures. Right now he has quiet time or nap time every afternoon, and it will be fun for him to have preschool two times a week instead of that.

loved the racing pigs at the county fair, and the cows. He also loved the Ferris Wheel, and riding a train that we rode at a little reading festival Saturday Morning at Storyland. We had never been there before and it was a pretty random place. He has randomly been getting a lot of bloody noses this week but when I called my pediatrician's nurse line about it they said that lots of people were calling about the same thing. I didn't realize that's a thing when it gets really hot and dry. Bennett has been doing the third hour of nursery at church by himself after daddy hangs out with him that second hour and warms him up to the situation. He's so super sweet and loves his Home Depot car that he built a week ago. These boys are so fun.

Bennett couldn't be bothered with the seat belt for the train ride.

Train ride at Story Land.

Play Tractor at the County Fair

Notice Bennett's preferred entrance rather than climbing over the door.

Westin really loved running around all the real tractors and figuring out what they all do.

Ferris Wheel! Westin kept saying, "Wow, thank you mom! I love you!" Melt my heart, you gotta hang onto those moments to get through the "I don't want a mom!" moments. Yeah, we have those, don't judge.

A little graphic, I know. But he randomly gets such bad bloody noses and I look over at him and get so startled!
Mostly they happen when he's asleep though.

Just chilling at the park, sharing jerky with his little bro.

Bennett's favorite food right now is probably refried black beans.

Michael brought out a car blanket his mom made him when he was little plus a backpack of cars that he would play with. The boys were in HEAVEN. They were entertained by this for a day and a half straight and it brought so much peace to our home for those precious hours. I love when something does that.

Etsy Shop!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Starting Summer

Started his second month of internal medicine. He also started a new calling in the Elders Quorum presidency, and he has been getting home at a pretty good time. Every four days he has to stay until about 8:30pm, then the other days are better hours. We love having him around on the weekends!

finished our last week of preschool with Westin's sunbeam friends at our house this week. I sent out my biggest cross stitch order yet and it was really fun to see the final product. I have a couple more piano students for the summer, and I'm figuring out indoor activities to keep us happy as we get into 100+ degree days. June and July and August are no joke in Fresno. But it's at least happy to not be pregnant or nursing for the first time here during the summer heat.

will miss preschool, he doesn't really understand summer vacation from school since the school year doesn't affect our lives at all. He really loves to cook with me still, and he has been making more lego and magnet creations that I find throughout my house. He sets them up on entry tables and night stands and various other places next to other decorations because "they're special to me, I'm proud of those". I think it's cute that he wants them to decorate our home next to the things I decorate our home with.

did his first Home Depot workshop with Westin this Saturday. Normally we just have Westin build the craft but it was a car this week, and we knew they would both be wanting their own car in the end. They're both obsessed with them right now, and Bennett cruised around the store in his Home Depot apron after with a big wave and smile to people. He's such a sweetie.

We went to Woodward Park last Saturday and it was too hot to be enjoyed... I need to gear up for this summer heat gradually.

Checking on Mr. T through the window.

Sunbeam lesson about ears.

Coloring together :)

"This is daddy... but where is his nose?"

Bennett is a wild thing when you want to get anything done to get ready for the day -- changing his diaper, getting dressed, brushing his teeth, and washing his face always feels like my workout for the day

Backyard digging.

We were about to take a cute picture and then he did this. He LOVES to pull my hair lately.
It's ironic because I just started growing out my hair again because I felt like I finally wasn't nursing or holding babies who love to pull hair anymore, and then this started up out of no where. He likes to double fist it.

You can frequently see four little feet sticking out of the cupboard under my sink.
For some reason they like to have a snack in here together.

Last preschool day together for this year! P is for Penguins and Prayers.

And Popcorn and Pineapple.

If there's a box around, Bennett is in it.

Waving to another little Home Depot friend.

New classic cars.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Family in Fresno

After our L.A. weekend, Ali and Matthias came up to Fresno for the week. We had so much fun playing with them!

Monday: They did Universal Studios in L.A. before driving up to our house.
Tuesday: Monterey day trip: Point Lobos State Reserve, Cannery Row, Clam Chowder, Carmel-by-the-Sea drive.
Wednesday: Fresno Zoo, Kayaking at Millerton Lake, Pizza Picnic, High Class
Thursday: Neighborhood walks, donut shop, Scripture class, Frozen Yogurt girls night
Friday: Lazy day, Clovis Farmer's Market
Saturday: Fish Hatchery, double date to Westwood's, Dessert at River Park
Sunday: Church, naps, walks, baking

We loved having them here so much! Michael had to work during the week that they were here, but we had a fun weekend all together. They left early, early on Monday morning to drive back and I was just happy that we're heading to Utah in June because it made the goodbye much easier.

Bennett and his crew. He was in heaven and this will forever be one of my favorite pictures. 
He loves when he can get his hands on someone's sunglasses. I need to find him some.

"So, let's talk about this..." is a way Westin likes to frequently start conversations.

Backyard picnics.

Digging at the fish hatchery.

Crepe breakfast outside. It was actually a little chilly so we moved the table into the sunlight.

Doesn't Ali look so natural with Kitty? Haha I don't know how we are sisters when it comes to animals.

Bennett loved walking around the Farmer's Market out of the stroller. He's getting so big!

Just watching the California Ground Pounders do some clogging at the Clovis Farmer's Market.

Heading to the market. 
Westin held Bennett's hand to help him walk back through our garden and it warmed my heart.

They really are becoming better and better friends through the fighting :)

Stocking up on our favorites from Vallarta.

Ali and Matthias helped us get our truck's brakes fixed while we were here, which is a completely miserable experience when I have to wait at the mechanic with my kids. I was SO SO grateful for their help.

Reading The Friend

Willing that binky to him after his chocolate donut fix.

"Alright Matthias, let's get under that tree." He was such a good sport all week to hang out with Westin and Bennett.
They were.... obsessed with him. We'll just call it what it was.

When you go for a 2-mile walk and stop for donuts on the way, it all just equals out, right??

Kayaking at Millerton Lake. Bennett LOVES it and wanted to go on every single ride.
If he saw the kayak leaving without him he would run to the water and make sure to catch that ride.

It's been a while since we had lunch with the sea lions at the zoo. 

African Safari at the zoo.

We decided to feed the giraffes that day for the full experience but Westin was not on board.
Bennett would have fed them himself if I let him.

They were really excited to show Matthias the garbage man on Wednesday morning.
It's really just a major highlight of the week around here.

The orangutans were active and I love watching them.



I think Westin took this picture? Maybe? It seems to successful for that but I do remember him taking one around here...

Haha I wanted him to point like the statue and he refused, and honestly this turned out better.

Tired him out.

Tired him out, too.

Check out the harbor seals down there on the coast! Point Lobos is so fun to explore.

Bennett prefers life strapped to someone while holding someone else's hand.

Lunch on the coast

This nut milk bag is my favorite purchase in a while! I've been making yogurt every week in my instant pot for a while now, and the straining process just became so much easier and way less messy. I love little things that make me so happy like this.

When Bennett is sad he usually comes to me for a 5-second hug, feels better, and goes on his way. This was the first time that he ran to Westin for that hug while I was cooking. It was one of the most hopeful moments I've ever felt. They are going to love each other :) They do love each other. But they're really going to love each other. Brothers <3

This cart experience was a serious mistake. Too much cart. Too much turn radius. Too much kicking of each other.
You live you learn.

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