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I'm Maddie, the keeper of this blog, married to Michael, who reads this blog (most of the time). Currently we live in Fresno, CA, where Michael is completing his oral surgery residency program. We've been married over five years. In November of 2014 we welcomed our little Westin into the world, and Bennett followed him in October of 2016.

This blog is a weekly highlight of our life so that my boys can look back on it someday. I chose to start this blog when I was studying abroad in London in 2009, and kept it going through the rest of my college adventures and into our marriage. I love the feeling of documenting life, and having a record of the details that make up our days.

If you have any questions, email maddiedaetwyler [at] gmail [dot] com. Happy reading!

How Maddie met Michael:

Michael and I met in the Salt Lake City airport, ready to go to Jerusalem for the summer with 78 other BYU students. 

His bags were overweight, so I told him to take out his empty backpack, fill it up, and carry it on. BYU had told us we could only have one carry on, but I figure the airport gets the final say. Two is great.

My mom saw me convincing him to break that rule, and her first words to him were, "Don't let her corrupt you."

Good thing he didn't listen, right?

Here's our first picture together, on one of our first days in Jerusalem. Our group still thought we weren't allowed to touch in pictures...totally awkward looking. But, you're technically not allowed to date while living at the BYU Jerusalem Center, so I guess making things awkward is exactly what admin is going for.

Even though you can't technically date at the Jerusalem Center, you CAN have a perfect first kiss on the balcony overlooking the Old City...

Just sayin.

And then you can come home and date, which we did.

We moved back to Provo and BYU in the fall of 2010, my senior year {communications} and his junior {microbiology}.

After graduation, I moved to DC for an internship. We tried the whole long distance thing, and we don't recommend it.

Life is better together.

So in December of 2011, he proposed. It was a big deal.

Four months later we were sealed in the Jordan River LDS temple. I chose to get married in that temple because of the perfect view of the mountains when you walk outside - mountains themselves are my favorite temples. Also, Jerusalem and the surrounding area will always have a seriously special place in both of our hearts because of how much we grew there and the beginning of our friendship during our study abroad. I feel like the Jordan River temple is connected to all of that. Full circle, maybe. 

Now, we're together forever.

And it's great.

This is a blog about our life. 

Thanks for visiting our family's little spot on the internet!

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