Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Halfway To Baby

Breaking the silence again. Ironically, this long blog break once again came from me being too intimidated by the task of putting together a post all about our two-week family time a few weeks back. A week in Utah with my family, a week in Florida with Michael's family, and we are better off mentally and emotionally over here because of it. So, that post will come, but first a little update on this baby.

Old news to my Instagram friends, but I said it then and I'll say it again now. The left side of my body is handling pregnancy like a rock star. It really is - I don't even know if I'm pregnant over there. No pain, no abnormalities in any form (besides the left side of that growing belly). The right side though, has protested. My hip is confused about where it should be, there's some nerve pinching happening somewhere so my butt makes me walk like I'm 39 weeks along, and my shoulder freaks out when I try to sleep on that side. It's a mess over there, people. 

But, 21 weeks is getting there! And at 18 weeks the nausea finally went out the door. Hallelujah, my evenings became productive again. In fact, productive on steroids. Nesting is real. I not only reorganized all the closets in my house to create a completely empty one, but I got a huge kick out of it! Like, I seriously enjoyed the process and woke up during the night wondering where I could put other things to consolidate around here. I bought some cute vinyl decals for my nursery and legitimately almost got up at 3am two nights ago to put them up. There was about a two-minute window there where I thought that was completely logical. This nesting thing, there's something to it.

Ok you guys, let's get to the good part here. Look at that face! This is the little baby growing in me! Oh we love that little cutie. And we've been holding out on you...

This tiny precious baby is a BOY! We had an ultrasound with our doctor yesterday, but while we were in Utah a month ago my cousin (an x-ray tech) gave us a sneak peek at this little guy. It was 95% obvious then that he was indeed a he, and yesterday he made it about 110% obvious. It was almost embarrassing, really. He's a boy, and proud of it, and doesn't.ever.stop.moving. That ultrasound tech basically chased him the whole appointment, just laughing and tipping me all sorts of ways to get the pictures she needed. I just started feeling him move about a week ago, and that's a trip right there. It's like I ate an alien. He's so busy, and is seriously done with me trying to wear my pre-pregnancy pants. He kicks at that waist line in serious frustration, and seat belts get the same treatment. Boy wants room to swim.

I'll be honest, motherly instinct had me firmly believing there was a baby girl in there. I mean I was only 90% sure, but... ok, yeah that's pretty high. I was SHOCKED to see that little boy on the screen. But this is good, people. Michael only has sisters, and so does his dad, so this Daetwyler name will live on now and the pressure is off.

But, send your boy names over. My favorites list was extremely feminine.

We'll just keep on keepin' on over here, getting to Thanksgiving and meeting this tiny baby! It still hardly feels real. I wake up sometimes and remember all over that I'm pregnant. Is that normal?

Here's what I've learned in the pregnancy department (from extensive Googling): pretty much anything is normal because pregnancy is kind of inexplicably insane. And beautiful.



  1. Woohoo!!!! Congrats!!! That's so exciting! And yay your blog is back!

    How about something traditional like Ian or Julian (if you're going for a popular Swiss name since a quick search resulted in Daetwyler being Swiss-I could be way off though). :P

    Or Owen, Theo and Thomas are pretty popular right now.

  2. Loved everything about this post! You look fabulous! And yes, it is all normal! or at least that is what we tell ourselves to feel better...just kidding :) I am so happy about this news!!!!

  3. John, Wayne, Neil, Peter, Simon, Magnus (can go by Gus), Oscar, Porter, James, Isaac, Tucker, Jack, Blythe, after Gilbert, though that might be girly, too? Oh, boy names get harder for me every time.


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