Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Sweetest Baby Shower + A Pregnancy Update

A couple weeks ago this baby and I felt so, so loved. My friends threw a library shower for #babydae and it was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me! They had it planned down to the details and full of my favorite things. Friends that know each other well are just priceless. I love them!

These invitations. SO cute, right? It's still on my fridge even though the party is long over. I love looking at that cute card. And my fridge version doesn't have those ugly black boxes - those are just there to protect my sweet friends from the crazies who read my blog. So, stay away from my friends, crazies. 

The whole shower was book themed - decorations with cute children's books, word games and "Name that Character", even all the food had a book tied to it. Maybe it's hard to read all those signs in the picture below, but they're all adorable. "Very Hungry Caterpillar" fruit kabobs, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" and milk, Book Worms... so cute, right?

Those blocks and the rest of this set up on the mantle was so adorable. I think I took ten pictures of it at different times throughout the morning, even though they all looked the same each time. I just couldn't get over how cute it was and kept snapping shots. 

My Indiana friends feel like family. I love them so much! These four years in Indianapolis are really shaped by the friends we've made and the memories we'll always share with them. I love them all - so many different people helped make such a fun day for me and this baby boy, and I appreciated it so much! And we came home with the cutest little library of books, and I'll always love remembering the friend that gave each of them to me when I read their favorite books to my kids.

Plus, I can even put those books on my new (Craigslisted, of course) bookshelf, once I get around to finishing it... This week I found myself suddenly repainting the dresser in my nursery and refinishing the bookshelf I'd already painted, heavy under the influence of the nesting drug. I couldn't deny my two-toned furniture cravings any longer, I suppose. Also, I remember saying that my nursery would be done in my second trimester so that I wouldn't have to worry about big projects when I was far along. Annnd now these are real time scenes from my nursery:

Yikes. Don't judge, people, I've got big plans to tie this half of a room together before baby time comes in who knows how many days. I'm just moving a little slower over here and Michael's school keeps scheduling tests despite our pregnant state, so that's rude of them. 

I'll just leave you with this bonus shot of me at 35 weeks in what I am usually wearing within five minutes of getting home from work. It looks like I'm going to be the proud mom of a basketball.

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  1. Oh that is such a well themed shower! Very cute! Also, you look adorable!


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