Friday, January 4, 2013

For a Friend

The best part of living in Indianapolis has been the friends we have made.

We are surrounded by people in our same spot in life,
and a lot of us are far from family. 
It makes for some close friendships fast,
and we absolutely love our neighbors.

Over the holidays,
we heard devastating news.

Our friend Damond Farar had passed away while visiting his family in Arizona.
It was so sudden, and we were heartbroken for our sweet, sweet friend Adriana
and their adorable three boys. Damond was so good.

He was a fourth-year medical student, set to graduate in May.
When our bishop told our ward what had happened,
he suggested everyone hug their families a little tighter that night.

I know that Damond, Adriana, and their boys will all be together again.
He was an outstanding example to all the people he knew.
Michael told me that once he and some other friends were getting pretty exhausted 
while babysitting in the nursery during a Relief Society activity.
He said Damond came in, and within minutes he had every child's attention and had turned
the nursery into a full on boot camp.
The kids marched and followed all his orders and loved every minute.
Everyone loved Damond. He has a lot of people that will miss him always,
and a lot of people that will be so happy to finally see him again.

If you'd like to contribute to Adriana and her boys, a donation account has been set up at Chase Bank in the name of "The Damond Thomas Farar Memorial Trust" with the account number 3025135756.
You can read his obituary here.
Farar family, we are keeping you in our prayers. We love you!

Here is another way we can all help the Farar family!

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