Thursday, July 2, 2009

June Job

I spent a lot of time with these cute kids last month! They're a family in the Cambridge ward that needed a nanny for June. I loved playing with them!
We made up some pretty good piano duets, be sad you can't hear them. Driving a van in Boston traffic was one of the more interesting parts of the experience...I'm so glad Utah requires zero parallel parking skills. Space is a beautiful thing.
Good old Candyland. Princess Lollipop has a special place in my heart, a select few of you understand why. Andrew is 5, and he always kept me laughing.
Favorite Andrew-isms:
-"In primary they keep telling me I need to be like Jesus. They tell me that all the time -- so when I have a son, I'm just going to name him Jesus. That way it'll make things a lot easier for him."
-"I just can't catch a break from Milo. He really likes me, and I try to like him, but I just can't catch a break from him."
-"No, I don't want a drink of water. That'll completely undo all the bathroom I just did."
-"Maddie, dogs don't get married right? Then how do they have puppies?"
-"I don't look anything like my dad because my mom had me, but my dad says he invented me."
-(Andrew what did you learn in primary yesterday?) "How to sneak out."
-"I'm too tired to go outside, I feel like people make me go outside every day."


  1. I really think it would be cute and nice if the parents could somehow see what your wrote about their kids. Maybe they haven't heard some of those Andrew-isms, and they shouldn't miss them. Look like super kids!


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