Saturday, October 17, 2009

What a Stud

So sometimes I complain about dating. A lot of times I complain about dating. Roommates and families are so nice :)

And sometimes I complain about my dad's random emails. Both quantity and quality (a little too much of a little too random), but I love him. And he knows that love is unconditional, so he keeps the emails coming. Once in a while one of them makes it all worth it though....

Meet Dimitri. In just two voicemails he made me realize that I need to cut the complaining about dating AND my dad's love of forwarding, because...well...

Just listen.


  1. Ha! Alex had me listen to that one. Carazy!

  2. Ha ha ha Mad! I had my sister listen to this last week! It kills me.

  3. Hahahahaha I know that I just text you to tell you how funny I thought that was but seriously I was laughing SO HARD!!! I can not wait till someone gets home so I can show them that! It seriously just made my day :) Hope you're doing good!

  4. haha that is so funny. Thanks for posting that.


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