Thursday, November 19, 2009

Top 10

Fall semester is almost over! Some internal clock is telling me that I should be packing up my stuff since 4 months are up...but I'm staying in the same place until April. I'm having too much fun to move yet! Here are 10 randomly selected reasons I am LOVING this semester (in no particular order, that would take way too much thinking):

#10. Mountains. I'm so glad God let Southern Utah be red, it's just the best.
#9. Finally meeting Lydia! She's way more fun in person.

#8. Living in the same state as Kindal again! It's just not fun to live far away from her, especially since our Alaskan summer when we spent 23.5 hours a day together for 3 months. The 30 minutes apart was whenever we were running...the girl is fast.

#7. My parents' new ride...this made the list because of the many potential backseat drives that I totally love. I'm already looking forward to the familiar drive to Delta for Thanksgiving next week! Two hours in the backseat, looking at cows and....more cows, and preparing myself for sooo much pie.

#6. Seeing Jeffrey wear a dress. And make-up. His idea, by the way.

#5. Throwing my first "wild party," complete with gorilla suits and pin the tail on the zebra.

#4. Seeing my nephew strike this pose completely voluntarily. Yes Jenny, I will send this to you. Why are your kids so cute?

#3. Getting back into my daily convos with the mom...missed those.

#2. Being reunited with the roomie! Jaclyn has a definite negative effect on my sleep schedule... but she makes everything else in life a million times better :) Maybe if I didn't love her so much I would actually go to bed, but playing with her is way more fun than sleeping.

#1. Living with Jessica! She's no longer just the girl who bought my contract last we're officially roommates! And I love her. Except she's still in my phone as "Jess Contract" from when I saved her number months and months ago. I keep it that way so I can laugh every time her name comes up.
Bonus: Watching my brother and his family pick up and move in one day to Washington state. So proud of them! Logan is doing an internship for the rest of the year in Bingen, Washington, and I'm really excited for him. I'm going to miss them a ton over the holidays, but they're where they should be. Lydia, sorry you're not in the picture...good thing you're at a very forgiving stage of life.
Isn't fall great? Bring on Thanksgiving...


  1. Jaren's pose is AWESOME! My son is a stud! Maddie we are thankful for you. You know how to make people smile. It is a gift. We love you!

  2. AHH i love that top 10 list! :) Especially Jeff in the dress! hahahahaha

  3. Madeline, I just love your pictures and comments. It almost makes me want to get started in my journal again. Looking forward
    to seeing you soon. Love, Mom
    P.S Jeffry has issues!!


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