Saturday, December 5, 2009

'Tis the Season

Some places NEVER get old. Temple Square looks more beautiful than ever.

Light posts make me extremely happy. I think that comes from the part of me that wishes Narnia was real. My mind connects those two things. Plus light posts achieve everything streetlights do in a much cuter way, so I respect them for that.

Emma Smith is my hero. Her husband, too. I don't think I've ever noticed this statue before...every time I go to Temple Square I find something new. Same with reading the Book of Mormon, or watching Newsies.

Kindal came up for a sleepover this weekend! And Tim gave us the grand tour of his homeland. (Sidenote: Did you know a belt route goes around a city? I never understood this concept until Kindal's dad taught us this weekend. So much makes sense now.) With that bit of information, you can rightly assume that Tim drove most of the trip.

Everything Jerusalem makes me excited. My favorite display is all of the candlelit bags with Christmas designs and words from all sorts of languages. It's fun to hang back and watch people get excited when they find their language or one they speak. People come there from ALL over. The Arabic bags blew my mind. "Peace, Love, and Joy" never looked so intimidating.

We thought we were smart to hit up Temple Square before snow did, but it was still FREEZING. I shivered 40 minutes into our midnight breakfast trip afterwards. Worth it.
It's SO fun to spend time with Kindal in Provo! The day flew by...she came to work with me to give some expert advice on designing (working on a new logo for the career fair!), such a dear. Then we did baptisms at the Provo temple (along with all of the rest of Provo...crazy busy), and tried to go to the new In-N-Out in Orem. Apparently everyone in Provo wanted to do that, too, because their drive-in looked like one of Cedar's parades. Just car after car after car. Pretty sure it went halfway down University Parkway! Good thing Wendy's makes people equally happy. Then it was off to Salt Lake for the know the rest of the story.
P.S. Updating my blog is so much more appealing now that it's time to study for finals. Nature of the beast.

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  1. ahh it looks like so much fun!!! I'm obsessed with temple square at christmas! you and Kindal are so cute!


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