Thursday, February 4, 2010


I love banana bread. I just never have time to make it anymore, and it makes me sad. So I stole.

My FHE brothers went snowboarding in their gorilla and banana suits (they wanted to take their famous chase scene to the hills). They had all their suits hanging outside to dry when we left their house last Monday, so we replaced their beloved banana with a threatening ransom note and a copy of this picture -- Banana bread by Friday, and the suit doesn't get peeled. We even gave them exciting and mysterious instructions to follow for the delivery since this was all undercover.

We decided to take advantage of our short time with the banana, and take it out on the town. Then we made a personalized Facebook account for our yellow friend and added all the boys that are emotionally attached to it. We figured haunting pictures would mean faster bread.

One of my more interesting visits to the temple grounds...

We pulled up to the MTC to take some pictures, and almost got attacked by deer. Maybe they eat bananas, I'm just not too sure. I just know that Provo deer seem to be weirdly aggressive. By aggressive I just mean unafraid of people, which can be creepy.

Elder Banana, ready to go on splits.

One of the lonelier pictures of the bunch. Poor little thing, nobody even looked twice at it. Provo.

So then we took it to a much happier place to spend quality time with the fam.

Banana bread.
Red Box had nothing banana-related. Disappointing.
The messages on its Facebook page were pretty entertaining. Just your basic false accusations and emotional complaints. I could only handle so many nights of sleep with the suit under my bed though...the guilt started to get to me.

So we had to get rid of it. I felt bad abandoning it in the rain on their porch, but I'm glad it's safe with the people that are strangely attached to it. We may or may not have been caught when we fled the scene...dang it. At least now they know who they have to make bread for.


  1. hahaha that is so classic! I love it!

  2. Ok so this post just made me laugh really hard. hahaha that is awesome!


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