Friday, August 6, 2010

We left our heart in Jordan.

This little guy was all alone next to our hotel in Amman. And we fell in love. We made it a home for the night out of box we begged out of the hotel front desk man, with an over-sized pita for a roof. Then we went back to the hotel to plot out how to sneak him across the border.

But we didn't go through with it. Our group has had bad luck at borders, so I guess we chickened out. It was a sad, sad moment. I sized up every hotel worker I saw the morning we left to figure out who would most likely care for our kitten. I settled on the sweet security guard out front.

Hopefully our tears softened him up...we were definitely attached.

I'm going to assume the little thing is thriving and happy...and I still feel guilty for letting Israeli border control intimidate me out of keeping a moral obligation.

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