Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just 14 credits to go...

I would like to tell all future college graduates that yes, Senioritis does exist in college. You might think it doesn't because you never know who the seniors are (or even if you are one or not), but trust me. It exists. School is requiring more time than I'm letting it take from me, and energy that I'm not very good at replenishing. BUT I found this quote today and realized that even though my homework is's not. There are plenty of other things worthy of my time right now, so even though Norm (my online accounting teacher) is almost constantly nagging the back of my mind, it's OK if I want to spend time with my real friends instead of him. And even if I have to take a test on a Saturday (illegal at most universities), it's worth it to have a sleepover with Jaren, Lydia, Jenny and Logan.

And even if my bed and I spend far too little time together, there's no denying I'm happy. :)

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