Saturday, November 27, 2010

All That Jazz

The whole family was together this year for Thanksgiving.
It's been a while.
The inside jokes came back fast. So did the sharing of past embarrassing moments.
So did contention. What? Didn't say that. (We're happy, really. Lots of love.)
And definitely a lot of the love for the Jazz.

Yeah, we beat the Hornets. But we didn't get on the Jumbotron.
It was not for lack of trying. 
The camera man was favoring cute kids and people with posters
Our dance moves didn't cut it for him.
Alison was in her element. I think Michael and Rachel had fun at their first NBA game, but maybe our Jumbotron efforts embarrassed them?
My parents are never phased by us dancing in public places.

We got hot dogs, but I think that just made Ali miss Hot Rod Hundley?

Then a Hornets fan stole the show. 
The Jazz Bear wanted to slide down the stairs on a sled, but the man refused to get out of the way.

Then the timeout ended, and the Bear couldn't slide. The whole Delta Center (I will not conform to this Energy Solutions fad) booed him. 
But then we cheered when ushers took him out.

But then he came back. We watched a mother give him a finger-pointing lecture. 
I liked her.
The whole energy died in the place a little. 

But then, the Bear came back from behind (foreshadowing of the Jazz-Lakers game tonight),
grabbed the stubborn Hornet man's hat from behind, tied it to a balloon ... and let it fly.
The man was not happy.
He did not cheer up at all when the Bear came from behind again and shoved a cake in his face.

Yeah, the energy came back. 
And yeah, he left.

And the Jazz? They didn't cheer him up at all either. 105-87, and we left happy.
Then we made it to Cedar in time to watch them play the Lakers tonight. You're welcome, Kobe.

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