Monday, March 21, 2011


Race Day. Have you been to Moab lately? The whole town is organic and made out of granola and mountain bikers. It made the whole experience feel just a little more hard core, even though we have a long way to go before we would qualify as a Moab-ite.

I haven't been there since we hiked arches when I was 13. I kind of just remember we went to buy ice cream after, but then my dad made us boycott it because all proceeds went to draining Lake Powell. 


 This is our before picture, somewhere during the time everyone waits for the shuttle and uses the bathroom a million times. 

Kimberly's sisters came down with us and cheered us on. I love being around sisters even though it makes me miss mine. My parents met us in Moab, too. They got in that morning so I didn't see them before the race. 

It was SO fun turning the last corner and seeing the finish line and my parents at the same time. I did a little dance for them. Then I kept running. 

My Aunt Tanya ran it as well! She's a professional at this, I don't even know how many races she has done. It was so fun to see her there! 

The race was great overall. Kimberly finished in two hours and I am SO proud of her! 
Then she was there to cheer me on when I came in 30 minutes later :)

Kimberly and I are happy happy happy to be done with the training process. Now we get to choose how long we want to run instead of following a calendar. And I get to eat Reese's Eggs whenever I want. 

Race experience made possible by: 
Kindal's running mix, ibuprofen, Ali's coaching, the man who offered everyone beer at mile 6 (took the laugh, not the beer), Clif Shot energy gel at mile 8, the old women who played bongos at mile 9, Alma 30:44, my parents' cheering, and lots of grateful prayers for a body that can run if I teach it to.

Feels weird to have the race finished! 
Now we're just ready to finish being sore :)


  1. Way to go, Maddie! Such an accomplishment! So proud of you!

  2. just thought id let you know how proud i am of you! ps i gave you a blogging award :) check it out xoxo


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