Friday, April 15, 2011

BYU PR Program, Check!

Based on the amount of hours I've spent with this group this semester, you could maybe call this a family picture. 

Meet "Communicare: your healthcare communications resource."

(We did not intentionally cut Ben's daughter out of this picture. She's way too cute for that. It was an unfortunate accident.)

Jordan, Jenna, Maddie, Amie, Ben

Yes, we did have to make up little a team name for our capstone group. No, we did not make it up until the day before our presentation. Actually, a lot happened the day before the presentation. Probably a lot I shouldn't publish in the online world? Just know we are all immeasurably grateful for Jenna's ability to pull an all-nighter and STILL give a flawless presentation at 9 AM. 

The capstone project of the public relations program at BYU involves getting a class client (sorry, can't tell you who, confidentiality laws...), splitting up into groups, then competing to develop a campaign that the client chooses to implement at the end of the semester.

I loved doing healthcare communications with these people. They are all so impressive, and we had way too much fun together throughout the semester. Thursday alone involved about 10 hours together plus every variety of junk food available. Did you know that pretzel M&Ms exist? They do. I even had that feeling moms always allude to, that if-you-eat-too-much-of-that-you'll-make-yourself-sick feeling. Kind of always thought they were bluffing?

This project marked the end of the PR program at BYU. I graduate next Friday, then move to DC at the end of April! My internship is technically my last requirement to graduate. 


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