Friday, June 28, 2013

There and there and back again.

These last two weeks have been full of family! Those are the best kind of weeks. I made it out to Utah for my grandma's funeral, which was such a blessing. There is no where I would have rather been that day than celebrating her life with the people that loved her most! And there are a lot of those people....

Quite a crew, huh? All of her grandchildren made it except for the three that are on missions. My sister and I played a duet at her funeral, and we realized it was our first time ever performing a duet together. I don't know how that has never happened before? It was a version of one of my favorite primary songs that has always reminded me of my grandma.

My aunts did a great job at setting up a display to remember what my grandma was all about: Family pictures, her missionary plaques, pictures of Christ, homemade bread, her Polariod camera in action, one of her pioneer dresses, Little House on the Prairie boks, and all her favorite flowers from the desert (complete with a cactus - she wrote a list of flowers and plants she wanted displayed at her funeral 20 years ago and it made us all smile). Who couldn't love this cute woman?

I took lots of pictures of pictures that day, because these are just great. A lot of them are some I've never seen before. I think it's so fun to see pictures of my grandparents when they were newlyweds. They are just beautiful to me.

When I looked for my grandma's old Polaroid to include it in the display, I found this picture underneath it. My cousin's adorable dog, Ammy, took good care of my grandma. They took care of each other. She loved to go sit outside in her yard when the irrigation would flood Deseret. This is a picture of her totally in her element. I just laughed because I realized that my grandma was totally in to Instagram before Instagram was even a thing. She had that Polaroid out all the time, and my cousins and I loved to be the one who got to hold the picture face down until it had finally developed. It was so hard not to peek!

My trip to Utah was so, so wonderful. I loved being able to remember my grandma with my family. She lived a great life.

From there, I flew down to meet up with all of Michael's family in Florida. We had been looking forward to this family reunion for a long time! Beach, summer, family, good food, no's the best.

Aren't Michael's sisters beautiful? And they make beautiful children, too. We love playing with those cute nieces and nephews!

We rode horses one night along the beach, and it was so relaxing and beautiful. My horse hated Michael's horse though, so that was a tiny issue. My horse also hated the water. Poor thing.

Here's a sunset to leave you with. Isn't it gorgeous? We had so much fun that week just catching up with family. The only 5 minutes that weren't fun in Florida were the last 5 minutes of game 7 in the NBA finals... so we won't dwell on that. We had a few dolphin sightings and sand dollar findings, and even saw a shark or two. In the semi-distance. It was hard to leave that beautiful place! But don't worry, even more family time  is coming up over the 4th of July...can't wait :)

Thank you, Daetwyler family, for the fun time together!

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  1. I recognize those beautiful beaches! One of these days our trips down there will match up!


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