Monday, August 12, 2013

Through the Sunday Blues

Do you ever get the Sunday night blues? That feeling of, wait weekend, why are you leaving me so quickly? Things were going so well? We get that. I am the prominent complainer of Sunday night blues, but we both get it. Sometimes facing a Monday kick off to a whole new week of dental school and work is as unappealing as having an entire package of Oreos but no milk in the fridge.

Yesterday we did, thankfully, have milk though. And I used it with my Oreos to combat that Sunday night blues. Poor Michael used them to fuel his studying streak... he has monthly tests all through his second year of dental school that cover all his classes, for all of the past month. Always on a Monday morning.

If that doesn't give you the ultimate Sunday night blues, I don't know what could.

He studied this entire past week at every spare moment, and I have a small and very hazy memory of him getting out of bed at 4:00 this morning to study even more before that darn 8am test. He's a hard worker. And he's pretty tired. He needs the Oreos way more than me.

Yesterday my family had our first Google Hangout, and that was way too much fun. We did a lot of great catching up and laughing, up until we found the features that let you "dress up". Then we completely stopped communicating and just played around the rest of the time, as seen below. I couldn't stop laughing at those tiny devil horns. Also a very good remedy for Sunday night blues. Jaren was born to wear that monocle. And Lydia the Pirate is looking pretty good, too. Ali wore that graduation cap the entire time. I think she's looking forward to finishing grad school, yeah?

A while ago we found a good deal on JOHN MAYER concert tickets, and I have been counting down the days until we could finally go hear that voice. It was kind of poor planning though, seeing as the concert was right before Michael's first monthly test... he studied the whole drive there and I think maybe contemplated bringing his laptop to the concert. We loved it though, and I think it was a good break for him. Oh John Mayer... he sang me through so many Cedar/Provo drives. I think he cures my headaches better than Excedrin. And it was way too fun seeing him just play and play his guitar. It's like it's just part of him and he's not even thinking about it. Did you know his parents took him to see a psychiatrist twice when he was growing up, because all he would do is play his guitar and they were worried about him? True story. Music is just in him. And yeah...I get that the guy has made himself known as a jerk. But I still seriously love his voice and songs.

We had so much fun watching him play. Anyone who didn't stay for the encore was crazy because he came back and played Gravity. That is far and away much better than beating traffic, any day. We inhaled a serious amount of secondhand smoke that night (some of it with a funny smell), and we were the only ones in sight with a water bottle rather than an alternative choice of beverage...but, good music. Worth it.

Oh, and this is Twinkles. She spent her weekend with us, too. She looks kind of sad? But we showed her a good time, don't worry. I don't know what's going on lately, but Michael's dog sitting business is booming. That guy... he keeps life interesting.

Here's to another fun weekend and getting through those Sunday night blues.

AND getting through Michael's first monthly test today. He rocked it!

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