Monday, January 6, 2014

Ion, the Winter Storm

Mother Nature has closed the doors on Indianapolis today (with plenty of other cities and states affected) - Ion, the raging storm, has kept us all home. It was even illegal to drive today, beyond emergencies. I've never really been in a weather lock-down before. Utah made me go to school no matter what, always.

Well, we did have one half-day, one time. Because it was so windy.

This is more fun to play in. See?

One of the many shoveling shifts.

This inch came down in one hour. We had almost 12 inches by the end of Sunday.

We went for a walk that night to listen to the silent snow and wade through the inches of powder.

And Michael's skis were involved. This was hilarious to me. I just kept laughing the whole time.

Brian wanted a go on the skis the next day too.

The mounds of snow were one thing, but the dropping temperatures the next day has been a completely different story. We're dropping to -15 degrees with a wind chill that feels like -45 degrees. 

It feels weird to breathe out there.

I'll leave you with this little snow experiment.

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