Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Leaving London Town

Last night in London! I'm surrounded by scattered bags and scattered girls. People are taking off one by one today and tomorrow. I have mixed feelings, but all of them are good. Here are the last of my London pictures, just a few random shots to show you the girls I'm going to miss!

The Louvre

Not a posed picture. They're trying their best :)

The soccer team shot of the group!

Sun + Exhaustion

Janna is teaching me how to be Asian since no one knows what race I am. Especially here, I get that question way too often.

Janna carries me when I'm injured :) Even when I'm laughing and trying not to let her.

Love those girls!
P.S. My SISTER is here! She's out on the town while I'm trying to pack...lame. But I love her! We're heading to Italy early in the morning for a few days, I'm excited to go get lost there.


  1. Ok so that picture on the boat with us looking at our watches...priceless. That tells the whole story of the experience. Wow. I miss you and I love you and your whole blog looks amazing! I suck at it now, Oh well!


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