Thursday, April 30, 2009


April mom's birthday! She had to spend most of it on an airplane home from D.C., but I'm glad I got to see her that morning.

One of the things I missed most in London was my daily phone chat with my mom...if it's 5 minutes or over an hour, I always love talking to my mom on the phone. My mom is just so good-- good to send me jokes in the mail, good to dance with me at random times, good to take frequent road trips to Delta with me...I just love her!

Things I inherited from my mother:

  • Dark hair
  • Love for going on walks
  • Popcorn cravings
  • The ability to put up with my dad (hehe jk)

Things I did not inherit from my mother:

  • Her almost complete intolerance for anything spicy
  • Impressive early-to-bed habits
  • The way she never needs an alarm clock no matter what

Happy 30th Birthday, Mom!


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