Friday, May 22, 2009

That Time of the Year

May and I have never had the best relationship. I mean, I know it's Ali's birthday month, and I did just get a new little niece in it (shout out to my girl Lydia! who has no appreciation for shout outs yet...), but it's just not my favorite time of year.

May 2007: Almost died in the ocean in Mexico. Ask Kindal or Larissa, or the Mexican fishermen that saved us.

May 2008: Homeless in Alaska. Good times...

And finally, May 2009: Unemployed in Boston. It was a long month, not gonna lie! But I think there are a lot of things I was supposed to learn and I guess I shouldn't judge May for teaching them to me.

But still...
Bring on June :)


  1. bah ha ha Love getting stuck out in the ocean! I told you guys you should not have gone Kayaking without me! ;) But we also graduated in May and got to go to Mexico in May and have the time of our lives!!! Love it, and love you!

  2. Oh yeah, and your church house burned down. At least it's almost over.

  3. Hang in there kiddo. Enjoy some rare time with your sister and allow yourself a little spending on fun. Buoy each other up while you have this chance and don't get discouraged; prayer and faith work wonders and I know you're doing the best you can thus I'm absolutely sure you're being blessed in ways you can't even imagine and that will be come obvious with the benefits of hindsight. Love,

  4. Just hang in there kiddo and enjoy this rare privilege to hang with sister awhile longer and don't be afraid to spend a little on some well deserved fun. I know you are living right and doing what you should so I have perfect faith you are being blessed in ways you can't even imagine and will only be able to recognize with the benefits of hindsight. Love ya!

  5. We love you! Lydia smiled when I told her you gave her a shout out! :)

  6. Maddie! I hope you don't mind I kind of blog stocked you. You were on Kendras blog which led me to your blog which made me want to be your blog friend which I thought was a pretty good idea of mine. I'm kinda new to the whole blogging thing but I love it. Mine is I will add you if thats okay...I like reading about your life plus..your funny.and cool. love ya! :)

  7. Hey I hope you dont mind but I kinda blog stocked you. haha. I saw you on Kendras list of friends which led me to here which led me to think we should be blog buddies yeah? I am kinda new to the whole thing but I love it. I will add you if thats okay. Mine is I love hearing about your life. Hope your doing great!...even though its may and apparently thats not a great time for you?

  8. Maddie. I agree BRING ON JUNE! Maybe in June I will get to see you.... Love


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