Monday, June 1, 2009

Public Apology

It has come to my attention (a.k.a. Ali made fun of me) that a recently posted picture may have given a false impression about my Boston habits:

The above picture was meant to be an innocent portrayal of my directionless (but fun) days here in Boston. My dad made me take this picture with good old Samuel the day we walked the Freedom Trail, and I promise we were going for the Founding Father side of him rather than famous beer company. Confession: Did not even know Samuel Adams had any association with beer.

So no, I have not turned to alcohol to fix my unemployment frustrations. I've got other things for that:

The blanket. Ok, confession #2: The above picture is a little bit of a lie -- I was laughing 2 seconds before, and laughing 2 seconds after, so don't go thinking I've really reached that level of sadness. But seriously, I love my blanket.
Here's a few Memorial Day pictures I feel like I should put up since I came down a little hard on May last time. Beaches and barbecues, always good things! The month redeemed itself. A little :)

Don't be fooled by the sunny appearance of this picture -- the water is FREEZing. Come on Atlantic, help us out a little.

Ward barbecue! I discovered some sweet croquet skills that might possibly be a one-time deal, so I'm not going to play for a while so I can enjoy the feeling as long as possible. Note that Ali is about to be nailed by a water balloon because people like to make little kids do things. Also be aware that little William cried after because he didn't realize throwing the balloon meant the balloon would pop, making it a lot less fun to play with. Poor kid.

But looks like he got over it :)
P.S. Happy June!


  1. Maddie! You're blog is so cute! Yay for blogs! :) Looks like you're having fun!

  2. Didn't I educate you all about beers? I feel like I failed.

  3. Liked the picture of you guys at the beach. So, did anyone hike all the way to the water?


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