Saturday, August 8, 2009

Another Day, Another Dollar

My Hebrew Rehab friends! I worked here with Ali for a month as a Recreation Assistant. I went to a few different floors doing activities with the residents every day, and spent some time on Ali's floor as well. Ali has loved her job for over a year now, it was great to be able to work with her and get to know all of her cute residents.

Ruth is a genius, we tell her all about everything. She's just like a grandma :) I'm going to miss my talks with her!

Margie is my cute boxing friend from Brooklyn. She swipes her nose and puts up her fists and thinks everyone is a doll.

The Lillians! Above and below. Love them both. Ali seems to always put them next to each other during groups, so then both of them answer when you try to talk to one. It can make for some pretty funny situations if you don't realize it's happening.

Julia is so adorably confused. She has a classic one-eyed squint, I love it. If you start her off with "My Country tis of Thee..." she'll take off and fill in words of her own. It's different every time, never gets old, hehe.

Christos! My greek friend. He has one of the best chuckles I've ever heard.

Celia. She has the best dramatic attitude, it was fun to argue with her about young girls travelling.

I always had fun talking to Edna -- she ends most of her sentences with "doo-da-lee-doo-da-lee-doo" and I'm not really sure why haha.

These ladies are the bingo and poker champions of the whole place, Fran and Florence.

Janice is so sweet. And we share a deep love for ice cream :)

Sue is one of my favorite people I've ever met. She can barely see or hear, so you have to put headphones on her and talk in a little microphone. It makes her jump every time you say your first word into it, so cute. I'm determined to be like her when I'm older, she has the best attitude.

The ladies on the third floor! I did most of my activities with them, they're great. Eva is next to Sue, she's 108. She's super stubborn, it's hilarious.

Sisters! Two pairs. Little ones on the left, older sisters on the right. Reva is on Ali's floor, and Ida is a couple floors up. It could possibly be our future :)

Oh Freda... she's very expressive. She gets mad at the other residents if they don't dance at the weekly concerts or show their emotion haha.

I'm gonna miss them all! It was so fun, and I loved working with my sister.

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  1. When I am 108, I intend to be very stubborn, too. Love the name Freda.


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