Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Going with the Flow

I'm heading back up to school next week! It's definitely giving me some mixed feelings (what doesn't?), and causing some definite reflection on the year so far. I'm tired, broke, and completely happy. This year widened my concept of the word home and put new places permanently in my heart. And I can't think of any of them without remembering the beautiful rivers I spent so much time around.

The first time I saw the River Thames I had to fight an urge to plug my nose. Then I stopped fighting, and did. It's a little bit nasty, there's no denying it. I stood on the bridge under the shadow of Big Ben, surrounded by tourists and excitement, and looked down at the murky flowing water. An abandoned Christmas tree floated under me. I tried to think of a word for the color of that river the whole time I was there, but I decided it's an endearing shade of whatever. Nothing makes me miss London more than when I remember how beautiful it looks during a late night walk, with Big Ben, Parliament, and the Eye all reflecting in it. I hope I see it again someday!I had a short, but sweet, relationship with the River Seine. Paris was exhausting and wonderful, and every night we crossed one of the 37 bridges over this river and sat under the Eiffel Tower with a crepe. I loved watching the groups that were there for the first time each night, and listening to their screams of delight when they caught their first glimpse of the tower. It was especially fun if I didn't even know what language they were speaking because I still knew exactly what they must be saying. My favorite kind of excitement is experiencing something new, and this river will always remind me of that feeling.

The Tiber River in Rome is a definite comfort, it was about the only thing I could count on recognizing on a map of the city :) Rivers are always more dependable than roads -- they can't suddenly change on you, they keep the same name the whole time, and you don't have to worry about looking both ways when you cross.

This was a river I've been waiting to see my whole life. The Potomac River was so much fun to see; maybe it was because I'm obsessed with history, or maybe it was just fun to finally see something beautiful with my parents and my sister :) We'll go with both. Once we all stopped arguing about how to say the name of it the right way it was a lot more fun to admire. Washington D.C. had the friendliest people, I just loved it there.

Oh Boston. The Charles River is always going to have a special place in my heart. I crossed it every Sunday to get to church, every day to go nanny...sat beside it on the 4th of July and watched reflected fireworks...even accidentally saw way too many skinny-dipping college boys in it once. Gross. There are always sailboats, kayaks, canoes, just so much going on up and down this river. It may be a little toxic and nasty (didn't stop Ali from swimming in it last week, still waiting to see if she has any side effects from that experience), but I just love this river. I'm pretty sure I'll see Charles again, and what a wonderful day that will be!

And finally...the Provo River. Bless its heart. It really is good to be back in Utah, even if I can't breathe when I run or figure out why the roads are a million times wider than I remember. But it's good to be home! Utah has my family, mountains, and I missed those things! So now it's back to BYU :) Third time's a charm, right?

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  1. Mad, I love you! And despite your non excitement to be back in Provo...I AM EXCITED YOU ARE BACK!! I love you, and I loved finally seeing you and spending hours or time with you!


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