Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Perfectly content.

It's one in the morning and Cedar is super quiet. But the darling place is also quiet at one in the afternoon. Still, I'm sitting in the room I slept in when life was less complicated, and drinking hot chocolate my dad just brought me (which means it's twice as chocolatey than I ever make mine so I like it twice as much), and life is good.

Going to bed would make sense, but in a couple hours my Bostonian sister will be getting into town :) I never need much of a reason to stay up ridicilulously late, so this more than qualifies. I'm way excited to be home for Martin Luther King Break! (I know, it's technically only a Day...but Christmas break just wasn't enough, so I gave myself a 4-day weekend.) The brother & co. are back in town, the sister is coming, the parents are stoked, and we're heading down to VEGAS tomorrow. I've been 21 for four months and still haven't gambled yet, so my parents thought it was high time we go. That is actually not their motivation at all and they'll deny ever condoning my ambition to double the $5 I plan on wasting. But you know they'll waste $5 too, so let's just see the situation for what it is.

I thought about posting pictures of Christmas in Cedar and New Year's in Boston, but once the holidays are over they're over. I lost my chance. Plus I realized I only took 5 pictures in Boston and all of them were from the passenger seat of Ali's car (a.k.a. blurry and slightly useless pictures that were taken only for sentimental value of streets and/or buildings. And one of a funny taxi driver).
Told you.

Actually, I contemplated taking a picture of the movie screen when I went to the YOUNG VICTORIA. Oh man I was excited to see that again. Limited release is stupid; seeing that movie became one of my main motivations to head to Boston for the break. Apparently Boston is cool enough to avoid the "limited" part of limited release, but Utah has no such luck. Lame.

Ok, now a breakdown of my break.

  • One full week of turning back into an annoying little sister
  • Best Thai food EVER. Ever. Ever ever. How can we motivate legit Thai-food makers to move to Utah?
  • Working with cute Jewish old people again! Still on the "high" list even though a good portion of my week was spent helping everyone with their absentee ballots. I helped about 100 residents fill out their ballot, and each ballot has 3 envelopes to lick. Do that math and then feel bad for my tongue. Alison makes the residents lick their own envelopes, but I feel like that totally goes against the "respect your elders" principle.
  • Seeing my dad wear his snuggie.
  • The academic calendar of BYU. Two weeks between semesters? Really?
  • Missing the annual skating rink party in year, next year.
  • Having to see my siblings on skype instead of in person. Next year, next year.
Ok, it's not fair to let my 1 a.m. boredom translate into a blog post of unnecessary length. Time for a Disney movie.


  1. I really like your header! I've been reading in reader, so I don't know how long it has been up.

    Snuggie? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  2. haha I love this blog post! :)


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