Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spring Break! January style

Oh family vacations. Instantly made me miss the old brown van...
If you can't tell, this is the truest love I've ever felt. Yes, me and my baby blanket are still tight (I keep it with the excuse that I'll give it to my daughter someday...yeah right. I'll get her a nice new one, but she ain't touching mine). This is also all I do in cars, much to Ali's frustration.
Connecting hotel rooms provided endless entertainment over the weekend. Even when we unintentionally locked ourselves out of one of them, but that's another story. Jaren wouldn't take his boots off the entire time, even when it was time to go swimming. I miss the days when you can shamelessly wear your favorite outfit every waking moment.

Lydia was so cute in her swimming suit! It was too cold for her to get in the pool though...that's what you get for ignoring the fact that it's January.

Jaren, however, totally loved it. He shivered 100% of the time but never wanted to get out. I like his attitude.

After braving the pool we decided the heated lazy river was a much better option. We tried to make it un-lazy for a little while and swim the other way...too hard. Working as hard as you can and staying stationary is just not motivating. I think it took the way I feel in the testing center to a physical level.

I don't think Lydia felt like she was missing out at was pretty cold. She probably just felt a lot smarter than the rest of us. And obviously a lot cuter.

We finally caught up with Logan to take a picture...he turned the leisure activity into a workout which is completely uncool. I've forgiven him.

A little blurry, but the double-stroller thing needs to be shown. I love them! They just look like they love each other so much. Ignore the fact that they're stuck.

Air hockey tournament! I dominated...but my dad took the title back in our ping pong tournament when we got home. Dang it.

Blurry again, but it's the only shot I got of our night out on the town. Ali and I rode the roller coasters on top of the Stratosphere and I LOVED it. Roller coasters always make me crave Lagoon, but I think that's because I still think Lagoon will feel how it felt when I was 12 if I go. I wish it were true. The Stratosphere is also the first place I ever gambled. It's true. $2.00 in, $2.00 lost. Then I started feeling the same feeling I get in arcades, and I realized that is a potential problem. So I quit, cold turkey. Haven't touched the slots since. Ali cashed out at $2.75. You go sister, you go.

Did you know Mesquite has two churches right next to each other? We didn't, until we pulled up right in time to see everyone coming out of stake conference. Oops.

So we had a picnic instead of church. I guess when you look at the weekend for what it was, I ditched school, went to Vegas, gambled, and missed church. Rebel.


  1. Why does not of the above stated surprise me? You would. ;) I love you. We need to talk to each other! Sorry we keep playing phone tag. Your niece and nephew are adorable.

  2. haha I love you! Remember at dance camp when we were playing that quarter game in the arcade and we couldn't stop. hahah I'm pretty sure we wasted so much money in that arcade, all for those super sweet light up bracelet things. hahahaha oh good times :)

  3. That made my day, the fact that you mentioned Lagoon in your blog.


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