Friday, March 5, 2010

Wake up, March.

I never check the weather. What if the day looks beautiful, but tells you a blizzard is coming? Then you dress in unnecessary warm clothes, you think you're colder than you really are, and you dread this "expected" storm. Then what happens when the sun stays, and you realize made a fool out of you? I just like to stay away from the touchy weather-predicting process and keep hope.

Thursday did not help my logic. It did, however, lead me to believe that plenty of other people on campus have my same weather philosophy because I was definitely not the only spring-dressed person when all this snow hit. I think looking out the window in the morning should be more than enough preparation for the day. But sometimes Utah doesn't understand that.

And no one told the ducks. I know ducks don't say or do a lot, but I really could tell these two were confused. Poor little guys. Probably both blaming the other for getting the date wrong, when really it's Utah's fault. Come back, spring...

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  1. this is so random and I apologize for that, you don't know me but I am going to Jerusalem this summer and I found your blog off facebook through the group and am so excited! Your blog is adorable and I am excited to get to know you and everyone else in the group. It's going to be a blast :) sorry again for the creepiness


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