Monday, March 22, 2010

Pin Trouble

My Sunday did not go as planned -- I still do not know how the Pioneer Woman met Marlboro Man. Jaclyn's bike distracted me. I forgot how fun bike rides are! And I sort of forgot how to ride one. I thought that was supposed to be one of those forever natural things? All my no-hands abilities have been lost with old age.

But I did find out that the Pioneer Woman's love story is going to be made into a movie, so I'll read it soon. The book is always better than the movie...unless it's Twilight. I'd rather see (just once thank you) Bella look at Edward for a few seconds rather than read about that same gaze for 62 pages.
Tomorrow night is the first time in weeks that all the members of Split This can make it to bowling league, I guess we're seriously struggling with team unity. All the other teams focus on beating the team that they're playing....but with us, Jess just wants to beat Andy and Andy just wants to beat Dave and I just want to beat Jess, and we sometimes cheer when our own team members mess up. That might be why our very first game is still our best score. No way to go but up? To be honest, I just mainly look forward to my weekly game of Pac-man once our two bowling games are finished.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's scores. Unless I don't beat Jess.

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