Friday, April 2, 2010

Here Comes the Sun?

Oh the Festival of Colors. It's the closest thing to Woodstock BYU students will ever experience. The Hari Krishna people celebrate spring better than anyone I know! Which made me double-mad at the snow yesterday... once you've thrown chalk at friends/strangers to bring in spring, sunshine should be a done deal. It just makes sense.

I'm glad people take advantage of the especially fun aspects of other religions, but it kind of makes me wonder if mormons have anything like that -- something so fun that, religion aside, everyone wants to come for the experience. The best my roommates could come up with was stake dances. That was a sad realization.

There were llamas at the festival. And peacocks. And way too many people. The whole experience gave me a pleasant reminder of how much I loved the Hari Krishna people in Rome last year. They lightened up a particularly tense moment during our slightly stressful backpacking trip (it may have involved an inconsiderate pigeon, Ali's head, and every napkin we could find...but it might be too soon to bring that up with her so that's all the information I'm giving). A group of Hari Krishna dancers randomly showed up at the Pantheon and cheered us up because their songs are so easy to memorize. Bless them.

Now that the chalk has been thrown and spring is (supposedly) officially here, I am no longer wearing coats. I'm just not. I hope the weather cooperates.

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