Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Sunny State and Hoosiers

Look at this beautiful sunset! 

And then look at these beautiful people.
After Boston I met up with the Daetwylers in Florida for some beach time! It was the perfect setting to catch up on all the country music I missed out on this summer -- definite beach theme going on there.

Good people, good food, good beaches ... bad sunburn.
Just add aloe into the equation and life is great!

 Michael's dad is the captain of this sweet boat, but the wind didn't cooperate too much.
All the grandkids didn't mind though, it still made a great stationary pirate ship for them.

And look! Wild dolphins! I've only seen the SeaWorld kind.
These were way better.

They didn't want to have much to do with us when we got in the water, 
but it was so fun to watch them swim and play.

We also saw a (small) shark, an alligator, and plenty of jellyfish.
We didn't try to play with those.

But in Nashville we ate some fried alligator tail. That's even cooler than seeing one, right?
(I'm not going to tell you what it tasted like because you have to try it,
but if you're guessing it's like chicken you may very possibly be right.)

We stopped to walk around the Opryland Hotel, it was incredible.
I've never seen so many beautiful plants in one place!

From there we drove the rest of the way to the famous Evansville, Indiana.
It's famous to me just because Michael has been defending it to me for the past year -- 
I had no mental picture of Indiana before I met him. Then when I finally decided on prairies
fields and fields and fields, he got pretty defensive. 

Now I have to admit I was wrong. 
It's green and beautiful and full of fireflies, but it could use some mountains.
(I can't admit total defeat or Michael will just run with that.)

We visited a neighbor's farm to get the whole Indiana experience -- 
or maybe just to see lots of fun animals.

Miss Ella found a pony just her size! 
I'm sure she wanted to take that home to Japan with her.

Cows are my favorite. 
You just look into their eyes and they're nothing but pure.
Not stupid, just pure. Don't confuse the two.

Maybe milking goats isn't actually a typical Hoosier thing,
but it was definitely fun.

And so was this. 
That little white stream is exactly what you think it is.

Florida and Indiana and the road trip between was such a great time.
The Daetwylers were so nice to let me join them!
And I can't think of a better way to put off the dreaded job search.

But now I'm home, and I'll grow up ... kind of.

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  1. I love alligator =] Think fishy chicken. And that picture of you catching the goat milk in your mouth made me laugh out loud =]


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