Sunday, September 11, 2011

Just Running Around.

It's a good thing I love driving, 
because that's pretty much all I do these days.

In the last three weeks, Saturn-Saturn has gone from:
 Provo to Lehi to Salt Lake to Cedar to Provo to Lehi to Provo to Lehi to ...
you know. Lots of places.

But it's great, because my destinations always involve friends, family, or job interviews.

Kind of loving limbo.

And always loving grandma:

We stopped to visit her on our way down to Cedar today.

Cedar is just a two-day stop on our way to DISNEYLAND!

Happiest place on earth, right? 
(Even if you get there with all eight Miners in one car? We'll find out.)

 I've been trying to get Jaren excited about his glorious near future...

M: "There are these teacups, and you sit in them and spin fast, and it's really fun!"
J: "You sit in...cups?"
M: "Um, yeah, big cups. It's cool!"
J: "And what makes them...spin?"
M: "Um, you turn a wheel thing. It's cool!"
J: Skeptical look of a four-year-old.

I gave up and let YouTube convey the coolness of spinning teacups.
I probably could have picked a more exciting ride to describe.

Doesn't matter. Two days and he'll see it all for himself!

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  1. Has anyone ever told you that you like like Aunt Tanya? And I love your picture with Cleo!


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