Friday, May 18, 2012

A message from a Mrs.

Sorry I've been MIA!

Watch THIS VIDEO and forgive me.

And this goes out to every single person in that video
(we have the BEST family and friends):

More pics and details to follow...

Probably sporadically, and forever. Because it was a really good day.


  1. Loved your video! So wish I would've thought of something like that. ha But, congrats! You look beautiful!

  2. That was hands down the cutest video I've ever seen, including Drew Brees' Vicks Vaporub commercial with his little baby boy. I hope you understand how big of a compliment that is coming from me. Congrats, pretty lady. :)

  3. You look gorgeous Maddie! My grandma told me how beautiful and fun your reception was. Congrats!

  4. AND...your video is amazing. In case you were wondering.


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