Friday, June 1, 2012

Another Happy Couple

We had the happiest occasion last week!

My beautiful Aunt Tanya married her best friend Dan, and we are so happy for her.

Tanya is an angel, and I have memories of her being that way as long as I can remember.

She is one of the most selfless people I know. 

All her time goes to serving others, whether it's my grandma,
her students, or children she helps when she travels the world.

She has been to waaaaay too many countries. 
If I didn't love her so much, I'd be completely jealous.
But that's just another thing I love about her -- she's always up for an adventure.

  My family was so happy to celebrate her wedding with her. We all love her SO much.

The biggest compliment I ever get paid is, 
"Hey, you kind of look like Tanya did when she was your age."

That just makes my day :)

We love you, Tanya and Dan! Congratulations!

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