Tuesday, June 5, 2012

SLC time

Did you know that we just barely went to City Creek?

The newest SLC attraction that everyone B-lined to opening day?


But it still had its opening-day greatness.

We didn't even go inside a store though...the water/fire show was too entertaining.

And then we got distracted by the Cheesecake Factory.

But before all that, we did manage to cross an item off our Utah Bucket List. 
Michael had never been up on the roof of the Conference Center -- 
that is not ok, considering his thumb is greener than any other out there.
He walked around loving it all. 
I'm wondering if he's going to attempt to put fields and gardens on our roof someday.

His sisters used to call him Father Earth. I kind of love that. 
His biggest concern about our move is how to get his orange tree to Indiana.
I kind of place "finding a job" above that, but don't tell him.

 Other Bucket List highlights include:
              • Seven Peaks
              • Hiking Timp
              • Eating at Sammy's
              • Eating at Sammy's again.
So many things to do!

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