Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Life Before Monday

Life has been good. We're going to give major credit to Fall for that one.

Best time of year by far, right? Right. 
(It's my blog, so you summer-lovers don't have a say right now.)

Since my job offer, my days haven't changed all that much.

But they DID go from feeling totally aimless to total...
vacation time.

Hence the mornings spent in grandma slippers, seen above.

And the time spent learning random skills, seen above.

You can't call that little chain there a skill yet, but just you wait. I've got big plans for crocheting.

Ok, just these and this. So not big...but, definitely medium. 

I even bought 1,000 (count 'em) popsicle sticks today so I can make this, too. 

Crazy? Maybe. But I'm taking advantage of my last week of funemployment.

And guys, it's October. Have you stocked up on your Count Chocula yet?

Don't ask me why this is just an annual cereal. Maybe they're just not sure how to re-brand,
so they've painted themselves into a Halloween corner.

Anyway, it tastes like chocolate Lucky Charms, 
but SO much more magically delicious than the original.

It's the only reason I tolerate Halloween. That, and Reeses Pumpkins.

Don't hate.

p.s. We just got home from a fun-filled weekend in Evansville!
We rode horses, had a bonfire, laughed a lot with family, watched these great talks,
and just wished weekends didn't fly right by.
Now, we're home with Michael's dad's beautiful fresh tomatoes,
and we're ready to make yummy salsa! Come try some :)

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