Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mormon Moment

Did you love General Conference? This weekend was full of great teachings.

My favorite takeaway principle: 
happiness is outside of your circumstances, you are in charge of your own.
There really is so much to be happy about.
(from Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talk.)

I follow a blog about that principle here
and it always uplifts me.

The weekend also had some big changes.
Boys can go on missions at 18, and girls at 19....!!!
This blew my mind.
I totally would have gone on a mission at age 19. 
Who's with me on that one?

But no regrets.
My life has played out better than I could have ever planned,
so I'm not even bitter at all.
I'm happy outside of these circumstances.
Bonus point?

Here's an interesting infographic to close out your conference weekend,
from the LDS newsroom.

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  1. I just spent a lot ( probably too much in retrospect) of time in the blog you linked to. Amazing. Thanks my dear.


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