Friday, May 3, 2013

Hello, May.

This was one of those weeks. The crazy kind whose days fill up with all sorts of things almost almost faster than you can keep up with. But just almost, because somehow, we always make it to the weekend alive and (mostly) well. Our apartment, on the other far from well. It made it to Friday in shambles and piles of laundry and un-vacuumed floors. Survival of the fittest.

In other news. My first crochet project is FINISHED. It definitely has some "character", but I'm still pretty thrilled about it. Luckily it's going to a good home of a very kind, accepting friend :) I learned this pattern with my friend Amber, and she showed me that you can, in fact, be a natural at crocheting. And I am, in fact, not one.

Michael and I braved free night at the Children's Museum with our "little brother" to see their new gecko exhibit. Those little guys are crazy. (I'm just going to let you infer if I'm talking about geckos or little brothers.) They have a fun super hero/comic book exhibit right now that my dad would have soaked up. 

And a room that makes your shoes glow.

We went to bed at almost 1 in the morning every night this week because this or that had to get done, which left me hating myself at 6:30 every morning. I had to ask myself some very serious questions, like: 

"How did I ever survive my typical four-hour nights in high school?" 
"Is it Friday yet?"
"Can I eat breakfast, do my make-up, and put my hair in a bun from the passenger side of our 20-min. commute?"
"Is it Friday yet?"

But Friday did finally come, and life is good. I had some errands to run for work this morning, and I was loving downtown Indy and the weather and today and just life. Probably because those errands involved dark hot chocolate from here, so go there if you haven't. Or come visit and I'll take you. I caught a glimpse of honors being given at the Indiana War Memorial. It was the perfect slow-down moment.

Have a good weekend! We're spending ours cheering at this, eating here, shopping for these...and sleeping. Oh, there will be sleeping.

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