Sunday, May 19, 2013

Utah Time

I've had a secret for a couple months. And there were times it was ALMOST given away (dad...), but luckily, it never was. After suffering slightly from SpringBreaklessness (it's a thing), I decided to use some miles and head home to Utah for Mother's Day. That day was also my sister's birthday this year, so it was a good weekend to be home. I only told my dad and my sister-in-law, and they worked out the weekend.

I flew in late Thursday night and surprised my mom the next morning. It was hilarious - she was totally confused. I was supposed to surprise Ali that morning too, but she ended up driving up to Lehi late Thursday night and found me sleeping in her bed. So I gave her a half-asleep really-disoriented "surprise" and she was completely confused as well. But, still, a good time all around.

First things first when back in Utah, right? Los Hermanos, people. I miss that place like crazy. I don't know why cheese enchiladas are my favorite food, but they are. Melted cheese wrapped up in a corn tortilla - it's the best thing you can get. My birthday meal every year. And that salsa, mmm. We haven't found a mexican place worth going to twice yet in Indiana...still on the look out. Gotta be here somewhere. 

Whenever people ask me if I miss Utah, I tell them I miss family and mountains. We are having so much fun in Indiana, but I have been surprised by how much I crave looking at, driving up, or hiking around mountains. So while I was in Utah, we all hiked to Battle Creek Falls. It was perfect weather, and it felt so good to be surrounded by people I love, and mountains I love, too. Perfect combo. 

Little Lewis is growing up quick! Already teething. And smiling lots. And trying hard to sit up for long-ish periods of time. It's fun to watch Jaren and Lydia interact with their cute baby brother. 

We all caught Iron Man 3 one night, I was glad Logan could get off work in time! He missed a lot of the week's festivities, so that was sad. I'm sad I didn't see you more that weekend, Logan! If he ever decides to read his sister's blog, he'd know that. Brothers. Up there ^^^ is a little movie theater photo op. I miss being a student.

On Mother's Day I took a mini-road trip with Ali and my parents to Deseret, UT. My grandma (and plenty of aunts and uncles and cousins) live there, and I love that place. Plus, I'm always up for a road trip! We stopped in Provo and looked at the new temple being built in place of the Provo Tabernacle. It looks awesome right now - up on stilts and going through a complete renovation. It will be beautiful.

Mountains, you guys. I need them in my life.

We had so much fun seeing family in Deseret that day. We wished my grandma a happy Mother's Day, and it was so good to see her. I have countless memories of running around her house, watching her make homemade rolls, playing in her dress up clothes, making scones with her, and just listening to her hum while she cleans and writes and reads. I love that woman.

We went back up to Lehi so we could have a combined birthday celebration that night for miss Lydia and Ali. Lydia was in heaven with all things girly - bracelets, a fluffy dress, pink summer shorts...that girl is a girl, through and through. Ali opened a bike pump and a fun Thai dish to serve rice. And Reese's ice cream cake all around. Good, good day.

It was a pretty quick trip, but I loved every minute! I left on Monday afternoon to head back to Indiana land. But not without a Cafe Rio fix in the airport first. And to avoid my typical airplane headache I took Excedrin and Diet Coke before each flight. Genius move, people, and it meant that I finished this book, almost finished this one, and walked a good 2.5 miles on my layover. It's safe to say that caffeine gets to me. Thanks for the great weekend, family! I love and miss you!

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  1. I love both of those books! Also, it was great seeing you in Deseret. Looks like you had an awesome trip!


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