Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October's Ruthless Fly By

Months slip by quicker than days sometimes. They seem so substantial, four-ish whole weeks. And even when they're filled with a few of those days that kind of crawl, months still find this way of slipping by and suddenly being gone. MIA until next year, when they'll pull the same trick. Normally I just shake my head and move into the next set of 30 days, full of its own holidays and plans. But when it's October? That always makes it just a little harder. We spend so much time rejoicing in leaves and pumpkins and cider that by the time you're really settling in, November is already there waiting. 

And nothing against November, but two Octobers in a row isn't something I'd complain about. It's the month that gets busy people to pile in cars just to drive and look at leaves. People who sometimes rush through those 11 other months with hardly a thought. That's something, October. It's also the month that turns air and apples into something crisp, and people look around just a little more. I still don't know where Michael and I are going to "settle down" some day and live a permanent life, but if October was an option, it'd be high on my list. I would totally live in October.

In other news, we found treasure yesterday. No maps were involved, but it was technically hidden and it felt kind of thrilling. We had two red pomegranates sitting idly by in our kitchen, and we decided to get involved with them. We had to utilize a YouTube video to be successful, and the process didn't disappoint. Isn't it amazing how many jewels are packed away in one solid pomegranate? All of them so protected for so long? We just kept finding more and more. All of them deep red and threatening to stain clothes and fingers.

Michael and I used to pick pomegranates in Jerusalem. They weren't even ripe in the summer there, but we still picked them because it felt so perfect. We'd sit with friends on the hill outside the Jerusalem Center looking at this view and talk and laugh, or just look at the city. Those were good moments. I don't remember if I was already falling in love, or if I ever wondered if I'd some day eat a pomegranate with Michael in our own kitchen. But we did fall in love. And we did eat a pomegranate in our own kitchen. And that was a good moment, too. That summer flew by. October flew by. Someday I will say the same about life. 

So, here's to filling it with more good moments.

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  1. Only you could make me cry while talking about a pomegranate.


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