Friday, November 22, 2013

Life Lately

Things have been happening around here. Blogging just hasn't been one of them. Let's just get right into it.

WICKED finally came, and we went on our long awaited date to that beautiful, fun play. Getting tickets for my birthday in September was so happy, and every time I remembered we were going in November I would get just as happy all over again. It was like the birthday present that never stopped giving. Wicked gives me goosebumps (and some tears) every time. I even went to it by myself once when I was on a business trip, because I just can't not see it if I'm within a reasonable distance. Michael liked it. I don't know if he loved it, but he liked it.

My sister came into town! Kind of a quick last minute trip, and it was so fun having her around. We had a pizza/pajamas/Pitch Perfect party (so many p's) one night when Michael had to stay late in the lab at school. There was even a fleeting moment when she actually held our little cat. If you know this girl, you know that's a big deal. Animals are not her thing... especially cats. I think Kitty kind of senses that, and it doesn't help things. So this was a big moment.

We drove down to Louisville on Saturday to go to the temple and to see Michael's dad. He was nice enough to bring a couple bikes so that the four of us could go for a ride along the river. It was actually a beautiful day, once you were moving enough!

This bridge was especially fun to ride along, and it had music playing over speakers. We did about 15 miles together and had some delicious BBQ for lunch before heading back to Indianapolis. It's so fun being surrounded by different cities and visiting them with family.

I actually put Ali to work while she was here... She just knows how to get things done so I couldn't help it! I get to work with the 8-11 year old girls at my Church, and learn about Christ with them through fun activities and service projects. (It's called Activity Days.) This last week we had our annual "Modesty Fashion Show" and Ali and Michael helped out so much. We decorated, made yummy treats, and had fun watching those girls have a ball. Their parents and the Young Women in our Church came to watch them. We gave each of the girls a little mirror with a note that says "Inside is a Daughter of God." I know that each of those girls truly are daughters of God. I love getting to know them and helping them come to know that fact for themselves. They really are special. (That night they modeled four categories of clothes, and the last one was pajamas... if you're wondering about the PJs in the picture.)

Sunday started out with Michael's favorite thing in the world, blueberry coffee cake. It's honestly the only food I've ever seen him overeat on. But it doesn't even count as overeating because... well, he can afford to eat about a dozen of these coffee cakes if he wanted to. It's definitely good stuff, but to Michael it about tops everything else.

Ali and I played a piano duet in Church that day, and it went surprisingly well considering we laughed the ENTIRE time the first time we practiced it. Sisters are so giggly. And then the rest of our Church meetings were cancelled for the day because we had storm and tornado warnings - so, back to pajamas and coffee cake! We spent the day eating good food and playing the Wii and just laughing. I so love family. The weather was crazy, but no tornadoes touched down in Indianapolis. Quite a few did throughout the state and Midwest, though.

Tomorrow we are headed to South Bend to watch BYU beat Notre Dame. Um, please look at this weather forecast. I bought 6 packs of hand warmers and I don't plan on limiting them to my hands. I read that with the wind chill combined, it will feel like 7 degrees during the last half of the game.... holy moly, wish me and the Cougars good luck.

Go Cougs!

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