Monday, November 4, 2013

Michael and His Birthday

Michael and I share almost two months of being the same age each year, then he moves on without me. Here's a picture of his dental life in action. He brought that project home to "catch up" but really I think he just wanted to impress me with his fire tools. It worked. Michael's dental life also kind of stole the excitement from his birthday - he had his monthly exam the very next morning. Basically he studied all day between phone calls from friends and family, and I just made a lot of food in the kitchen since he still has to eat at some point and food was our only form of celebration available. #dentalschoolprobs

He requested raspberry cheesecake for his birthday, and I did a slightly poor job of bringing this recipe to life. Maybe we'll just blame the results on the fact that I don't have a Springform pan, but there was definitely more to it than that... I have a love-hate relationship with Pioneer Woman recipes.

Michael has a love-hate relationship with pictures, but it is actually more just hate. I took this picture like 15 times, and you get the blurry one because he's making uncooperative faces in the other 14. I don't even know if he remembered to make a wish, he was so intent on being difficult through the whole experience. 
He brought his wishless birthday on himself.

Michael had no idea what was coming for his birthday. I kind of let him get comfortable with the assumption that I bought him Apple TV, because he's had his eye on that. But we actually had a BYU birthday instead - with some game day t-shirts and tickets to the BYU vs. Notre Dame game this month! We'll drive up to South Bend just before Thanksgiving and see our Cougars play. I'm sure we'll get all nostalgic. Unless we're too cold to feel any of that sentimental stuff. The best part is that Michael's friend Jason is coming out and heading to the game with us! Michael had no idea. Thanks for helping me pull off the surprise, Jason!

We seriously love all our friends out here, we have so much fun with them. We had a little FaceTime action between all the studying so that Thomas and Maybrie could wish Michael happy birthday, complete with some original song and dance. These two just love Michael. When they see me, and Michael isn't around, it sometimes results in tears.

It was a good day, even though studying tried to take it all. Michael slept about three hours last night, so his 26 experience is starting out a little sleep deprived. He got an A on his test though! Probably his birthday present of choice. 

Well no, THIS is still his #1 birthday present of choice... should I be worried about that? 
Happy birthday, Michael! I love, love you!


  1. You are a good wifey, Maddie Moo! Also, I am so excited that you guys get to go to the BYU game! How fun!!! We will be looking for you :)

  2. i TOTALLY have a love/hate relationship with pioneer woman. damn her.


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