Monday, December 16, 2013

The Post-School Weekend

Life has slowed down a little around here, and that is a welcome feeling! Michael rocked his finals and his hardest semester yet. We are a little intimidated by next semester (supposedly the worst of the four-year dental experience), but we will just take it one day at a time! We celebrated at the Cheesecake Factory and the Hobbit on Friday, and Michael even went to Sephora with me for a minute even though it was supposed to be his night :) Good man. If you know Michael, you know he's got some skills at getting things for free - so here he is with his celebratory (free) pina colada at our celebratory (free) movie outing after our celebratory (free) dinner. Crazy kid.

And since there are so, so many good movies adding up on my to-see list, we even knocked out another one the next night. I'm telling you, this change of pace has been so great! The Naylors came along to see Frozen with us, and I was loving every minute of it. I had no expectations for that movie because I honestly haven't seen or heard a lot about it. But I was in love with it. Cute songs, funny characters, great voices (why did I not know Kristen Bell was a singer? Why can I not sing like Idina Menzel? These are big questions). And Thomas Naylor's constant commentary (snowman! reindeer! snowman! princess!) makes for big improvements on any movie going experience. He and the movie had me cracking up so much. Maybrie loved it too, as long as the music didn't build up too much. She requested that we leave every time that happened.

And then Sunday we had some friends over who also suffer the effects of finals week for a new end-of-the-semester tradition. We each created parts of the Cafe Rio experience that we so miss, and combined forces for an extremely tasty Cafe Rio recreation. At one point Maybrie was heard exclaiming, "This is the BEST. PARTY. EVER!" But I'm pretty sure we were all missing out on whatever the kids were doing at that point. But it seems like everyone had a good time, in their own way.

Look at that deliciousness. I even picked up some tinfoil "bowls" to really get in the right mindset for this experience. Even though it tasted SO good, we all ended up reflecting on why oh why it still doesn't taste the same. Who's sending me a Cafe Rio salad for Christmas? Anyone? If you want to give our copycats a try, we found them all conveniently located together here

Then we finished the night trying to find a new TV series to waste time on together, ended up three episodes into this one, and then proceeded to have bad dreams about it. Well, just one of us had bad dreams. I wish I could say it was Michael... but, I wouldn't be fooling anyone.

After a totally celebratory and relaxing weekend, it's hard to get back to the semi-grind on Monday! Back to work for me, and Michael is still coming downtown with me to study on campus all day. He has to take Part I of his boards examinations in January, so no lasting rest for the weary. We are so looking forward to Christmas! I sent a flat rate package home to Utah today that might very well explode before arriving there, despite my layers and layers of tape. I have way too much fun picking out presents for my cute family. The wrapping part ... not as much fun. Not nearly as much fun.

Eight more days to Christmas! And I haven't even watched Elf yet. Yikes.

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