Monday, December 30, 2013

'Twas Our 2013 Christmas

'Twas December, the last month of twenty-thirteen,
and our days were so full, they required caffeine.

There were presents to wrap, Christmas cards to mail,
and, ok, a new addiction to watch (this show about jail).

There were Indianapolis sites to hit before we left for a week,
including a house full of 86 trees  - some new, some antique.

Those 52,000 lights kept that house in high degrees,
they don't even turn on their heat - they just turn on those trees.

People tour their house for four hours every night,
and they don't even charge you to see this holiday sight.

We found another dose of cheer at Indy's Museum of Art
We heard there were pre-WWI decorations, so we had to take part.

Little did we know they had much more there for you - 
carolers, Christmas crafts, even a live reindeer, too.

Then it was down to Evansville for one week's time,
full of family, food, games - just sublime.

We slept in late and laughed more than enough.
Seeing Christmas end is always so tough.

But Christmas Eve night I sat and stared at this tree,
and had time to stop and reflect on what Christmas truly means to me.

Then soon after that, it was back on the road.
But this time, a van! three kids! Parent mode.

We drove two cute girls, and one cute boy,
up to our house, to prolong our Christmas joy.

Their parents came too, just a few hours behind us
I'm sure they were wondering in what state they would find us.

But their kids were so sweet, and we kept all three alive!
They were dreaming of sugar plums when their parents arrived.

We woke up, ate cereal, some of us chased the cat,
then headed to the Children's Museum, the nation's biggest, at that.

There was the Yule Slide, the dinosaurs, pirates in a play,
and enough other things to entertain us all day.

After a downtown tour and dinner, they were back in their car,
and we were back to wishing our families weren't spread so far.

But don't worry, it's not over! We really spread our Christmas thin.
That night was our gift-giving celebration (Amazon for the win!)

To Michael: A trivia lover's complete world guide
and a remote control helicopter - the boy could have cried.

For Maddie: A helmet, to protect my riding head,
plus Boggle (come play!) and a five-year journal, to jot in before bed.

A package from Utah brought more even more Christmas treasure,
including these childhood keepsakes - their value has no measure.

You may see a silly stuffed dog with a torn hole in his knee,
but that's my lifelong friend, sweet Delta Doggie.

Plus a Pocahontas nintendo game that I can't believe works anymore,
but it's hopeless... 9-year-old Maddie will always have the high score.

And don't mind the tired face in that picture up there,
I've been sniffling and coughing, still looking worse for the wear. 

But even sick days can't take away from our great Christmas break,
I mean, look at this last gift, for heaven's sake.

A snow cone machine. For reals. Can you believe it?
From sweet friends who said they saw it and just couldn't leave it.

They remembered how hard I searched for snow cones last summer,
and looks like this year, the search won't be such a bummer!

We'll have our very own snow cone party, be there or be square.
But first we'll get through winter, and real snow. Beware.

That was our Christmas. It flew by, so fast.
I can't believe it's already added to Christmases past!

So now, to New Year's. It will be fun too, right?
Merry Christmas to all, 
and to all a good night.

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