Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cedar to Indy

My sweet parents visited Indianapolis last week, and it was so fun to show them around! I loved taking a few days off work just to show them our city and spend time with them. They are just a good time.

We spent our first day up at the Indiana Museum of Art, and the grounds around called the 100-Acre Woods. My dad just couldn't get over how green everything is here and how much stuff there is just growing. All on its own. We are from the desert, you know. Sprinkler systems are a must out there. Don't you love that bench by the lake on the museum grounds? They have so many of those fun and illogical seating arrangements. I love it.

We checked out the rock garden and some other outdoor art sculptures, before spending a few hours inside the museum as well. They loved my favorite display, modern design furniture. That museum is so great, and I loved walking my parents through my favorite parts.

When Michael got home from school we all headed out to Anderson Orchard. I've been itching for some raspberries and I knew it was getting pretty dangerously late in the season... but I had homemade jam hopes and a strong desire to get a homemade candle at the orchard that would make my house smell like fall. We picked 5 pounds of raspberries in no time, even with Michael's eat three, pick one system.

My dad got a little distracted and just got way too into it, honestly. He was far off down the row before we knew it, and we tried to tell him 3 times that we were done and heading back. Finally we just went back to the orchard store and assumed he'd follow. He showed up about 10 minutes later and said, "Where were you guys? I thought you were still right by me - I just asked a group of strangers if we could be done yet, because I thought they were you." I love my dad's ability to just relax and stop focusing on what's going on around him... we have countless stories from that sweet trait :)

This 7-month bump had a good time with the parents too, even though it slightly slowed us down. There are a few moments here and there that I just wish someone would hold me upside down because then I think I'd feel better. Joys of someone sitting on top of your bladder... But really, I am feeling pretty darn good these days. Those 18 weeks of nausea and then two weeks of sciatic nerve pinching has just left me grateful for what I'm feeling these days - no complaints! Although I forget sometimes that I look like this now. I walk by store windows and do complete double takes. It's crazy what my body is doing pretty much all on its own, you know?

We had to fit in some Indiana wildlife - which means visiting the zoo, and making my mom tolerate my cat. The Indianapolis Zoo is such a good time. I love the dolphin shows and new orangutan exhibit, and they had a penguin who was pretty much high on life that day. He didn't stop jumping around or torpedoing through the water for about 10 whole minutes, and we just cracked up. My mom did not warm up much to my cat... obviously. A love of animals skipped her generation, and she just doesn't understand that part of me and my grandma. I tried to get her to hold that little Kitty the whole time she was here, and all I got were eye rolls. I love you, mom :) And I love my cat.

We went downtown on Saturday to watch Michael do a practice run for his canoe race on the canal, and then rented this bike contraption after. We were cracking up the whole time on this thing. Isn't it hilarious? There are two steering wheels in the front, but only the one on the left actually functions. But I couldn't ride up there and NOT steer my side, it just felt too weird. So my dad and Michael just kept laughing at how I thought I was contributing to where we were going. Also, our bell didn't work, so I felt bad every time we kind of crept up behind someone... it's kind of a terrifying sight to have this suddenly up next to you along the canal. No casualties though.

We drove up north one day to see the progress on the Indianapolis LDS temple. It's about 40 minutes north of our house, and should be opening next Spring. It looks really similar to the Louisville, Kentucky temple, which is our closest right now.

We did a day trip down to Columbus, Indiana while they were here because I really love that city. Here is the post I wrote about the architecture tour we took down there. I tried to recreate it for my parents via online audio recordings and random bits and pieces from my memory, but I'm not sure they got the full experience... We stopped at Zaharako's as well, the old ice cream parlor and museum. That city seems like such a good community. I think I'm just partial to cities with populations between 30,000-50,000 because growing up in Cedar City, Utah was just perfect.

And then suddenly, it was already time for them to go. How do fun plans come and go so fast? Their time here flew by. I felt lucky to have a week with them before we have some major life changes over here. I felt extra spoiled to have them here for my birthday. Between having them here and Michael surprising me with the complete set of hardcover Harry Potter books, I was just the happiest birthday girl ever. Oh, and Michael made me the world's best cake thanks to Becca's recipe, and her coaching. I love the people in my life so much!

And I especially love my parents. They are such sweet, good people. So glad I have them forever!

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