Monday, September 29, 2014

You Gotta Regatta

We met Michael's parents and his little sister Rachel down in Louisville last weekend to go to the temple with them. It's so fun to meet family down there, and we magically hit no traffic on a Friday afternoon and made it to Louisville in record time. Those bridges can be brutal.

We all made a late night drive back up to Indianapolis together after that so we could go to the IUPUI Regatta the next morning. Michael was in this canoe race last year and it was a blast, so I was excited to watch him again. The school puts on the race and teams sign up in male, female, or co-ed categories. The dental school always sponsors a few teams, and for some reason one of those teams seems to win it every year. Those dental students just have competition in their veins.

Michael rowed down the canal with his friend Derek, and then their friends Brian and Garrett rowed back the other way. They all go to dental school with him, and their team was named the FluoRiders. Good stuff.

They almost made it to the finals, but not quite - next year for sure! We had fun cheering them on and walking around the booths and listening to the live music there that day. I even ran along the canal to keep up with them during their race, which was a sight to see. This bump sure takes away whatever grace I once had. The canal is such a fun spot in Indy's downtown, I love being there. The race was pretty entertaining - a surprising number of teams flipped their canoes over, had collisions, or found themselves going backwards. We were loving it.

We love it so much when family comes to visit! Rachel is getting married this week and we are SO excited for her, and for even more family time :) Fall is just shaping up to be a party this year.

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