Saturday, January 31, 2015

Finding Our Groove

We have successfully kept Westin happy and healthy for his second month of life, and I'm feeling pretty accomplished. He's a tall, growing, smiley boy and we love him more every day! It still shocks me that we are his parents though. I think hard about that fact for a few minutes each day still. Crazy.

This boy is tall. With a big head. His weight is down to the 50th percentile, but head and height are still rocking it at the 97th. When I hold him in my arms I'm amazed at how much of him there is. There's just so much baby! I thought he'd be tiny, and I thought he'd stay tiny for a while. How wrong I was.

I am in love with this little bundled up face. We don't take chances with this crazy winter. This last Sunday was our first time going to all 3 hours of church and we just barely took his first trip to a store. Target, naturally. He will grow to know that place well, I'm sure.

You might look at this picture above and think that Westin hates his stroller. You'd be right... Unless I put him in his carseat and then attach that to the stroller so that he's facing me. He totally digs that. For a little while, if he's sufficiently full and rested and bundled. We've been going on walks on days that the sun comes around for a little while, and it is good for my soul. I've never been more ready for spring than this year, I'm sure of it. And it hasn't even been a bad winter... I just have never been quite so cooped up, mild winter and all, so we are looking forward to warmer days and many more outings.

Westin's main love in life is that pacifier. This kid just loves to be sucking on something all the time, and I am just grateful for the inventor of the pacifier because if it wasn't that we all know what the alternative would be. And I would just about be going crazy because that almost already happened, even with the pacifier involved. 

Probably the most unflattering picture posted on my blog to date up above, but, it has to be documented. This kid just loves taking his naps on someone. It's adorable, until it's slightly claustrophobic. I've been trying hard to put him down in his crib more, but that only gets about a 20-minute nap out of him, while if he's laying on me he'll be content for 2 hours. Luckily this is not true at night, where he somehow magically decides he loves his crib and sleeps about 7 hours in it. The past week he has gone to bed at 10, woken up at 4 and fallen back asleep when I put his pacifier in, then up to eat at 7. No complaints with that schedule, please stick around.

This is Westin's best friend Miles, four days apart and seriously handsome guys. I'm going to love watching them grow up together during our Indy time!

Westin's first trip to the store felt like a big event. I only needed two things, but he was content and I was out of the house so we made like 20 laps of Target just because. And we can all safely assume that more than two things were purchased, yes.

Sometimes it looks like Westin flexes his muscles when he gets done eating. I like to think that's his way of saying, "Thanks mom, it's working. See?" But he came out strong already so I'm just working on maintaining... I will always remember his pretty violent behavior while living inside me. Those arms packed a mean punch and nothing has changed. Strong little guy.

His changing table is right by a window on our second floor, so he gets pretty excited about the world up there. 

And his two-month photo next to Delta Doggie, my favorite little childhood puppy. His arms are in a constant blurry state because he's always doing this shaky thing with them; it kind of looks like he's in a constant fear of being dropped? Poor little guy. No drops yet, we're doing good. 

I just love this little man. Having him around has been a major adjustment but he's worth every hard part of it all. I'm so happy to watch him learn and grow and keep finding his personality. Last week I turned in my notice at my job and decided to stay with Westin full time. That is a big change, but I'm so grateful for the chance to be with Westin while he grows up. He's already my little buddy.

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