Friday, February 27, 2015

A Blessing for Westin

A couple weeks ago we had a special day for our little family at our church. Children in our church are baptized at the age of eight, but it's tradition that they receive a blessing when they are a baby, typically from their father or another priesthood holder. Michael gave Westin a sweet and simple, heartfelt blessing and it was a really meaningful day for us.

We also felt lucky that Michael's parents were able to be there that day. We are far from all the rest of both our families, so we especially love when we get the chance be with Michael's parents. They spoke in our ward that day and gave great talks about families and temples.

Family means so much to us. I am so curious to know where Michael and I will move next year, and where our family members will all end up. It's hard to be far away from most of them right now, but we have fun reunions here and there, plus great friends that feel like family in the meantime. Nothing beats those things.

Westin's personality is shining through more each day, especially as he discovers his voice and "talks" to us pretty frequently. Nothing too new is going on in terms of milestones, this kid is pretty content just hanging out as is when I put him on his tummy. He did discover his hands recently though, and watches them with such rapt attention that I can almost always wash an entire load of dishes before he becomes bored of watching his fingers move. But somehow he always gets bored and cries right before my last dish. I think it's one of Murphy's laws.

Westin is growing fast and I really truly do love him more every day. It's pretty incredible to feel how that works. I love getting to know him more all the time while also getting to know myself as a mother. This is a new role and routine for me, and it feels sacred. I love being Westin's mom.

And I think I'm going to love being Westin's mom even more when he doesn't eat three times at night. :)

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  1. Westin, sleep better for your mama! Three times a night is too much! He's darling though! Also, I still get giddy when I think we even have the slightest chance of being neighbors :)


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