Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Break 2015 | The Utah Part

Michael spent a week in Boston doing an oral surgery externship, so Westin and I decided it was time that he met the rest of his mama's family in Utah while his dad was gone. I was so nervous to fly with this kiddo by myself the first time, I won't lie. But now I'm grateful that the first time was solo, because now traveling with Michael feels so easy. We flew from Indy to Vegas on a Monday afternoon, and my sweet parents picked us up.

I was so excited for Westin to meet his Grandpa Miner. He looks like my dad to me (and Michael's dad too, this kid is his grandpas' grandkid), and it was just so fun to finally have them meet. Westin did great through the entire plane ride and for most of the ride from Vegas to Cedar City. Then he woke up every hour for the rest of the night... :) Poor guy. Switching time zones, throwing Daylight Savings Time in there, and then TEETHING (what??), kind of messed up the little routine he was finally getting down.

I had a crepe night while I was in Cedar City with friends from high school. It was so fun to catch up and introduce Westin to some of my favorite people! My friend DaNae had her little baby Sawyer just a month after Westin, so we loved seeing each other's sweet boys.

Westin had quite the early morning during one of our Cedar City days, and my dad was awake early as well. Mornings are Westin's happiest times, and that one in particular was special. I loved seeing him with my dad.

This boy is so cuddly. I hope he stays that way as long as possible!

We drove up to Lehi to spend time with my brother's family and my sister, and we had a blast all together. Westin's cousins were so cute with him. We went swimming one day and Westin surprisingly enjoyed it. He didn't cry until we'd been in the pool for over an hour, and then he instantly fell asleep when I wrapped him up in his towel. 

Overstimulated, sweet, sleeping baby boy. The first swim after a long winter is always the best. I am so ready for spring and summer!

My sweet sister Alison is ENGAGED, so we had a girls' day of ice cream and wedding dress shopping. Lydia loved all those princess dresses. We can't wait to go back out to Utah for the June wedding.

Westin and Jonas are about four months apart. That's quite the difference at this stage, but it won't be long until it's no difference at all. I'm so happy he has cousins close to his age on both sides of his family, my memories with my cousins are such treasures. 

My friends Kendra and Brianna (from high school) came to visit and I loved seeing them so much. Don't mind the blurry picture or the zonked out baby. 

Sunday best! Church is a whole new ball game with a little one, I feel so exhausted when we get home. He's entertaining though, too. Like when he filled his diaper very loudly and for a full 40-ish seconds during Sunday School and caused an entire row of people to turn around and look at him....

Sweet Westin with his grandpa. I love this picture.

Check out our get up -- and I considered this "traveling light" with a baby. This is us just after landing in Boston after the Utah leg of our Spring Break. We met Michael there after his externship for his three-day research conference. More details on that soon!


  1. Isn't it fun to bring your baby to your hometown? What a special trip!!


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