Sunday, December 13, 2015

Interview Season

We are just coming out of a busy couple months full of oral surgery residency interviews for Michael. He traveled to interviews almost every week on top of school lately, and needless to say he is sleeping on the couch while I write this. There are a lot of great programs and we are having a hard time ranking our list together. 

He visited Nashville, TN; Richmond, VA; Chicago, IL; Columbus, OH; Boston, MA; Oklahoma City, OK; Cincinnati, OH; Charleston, SC; Fresno, CA; and the program here in Indianapolis. Westin and I joined him on a few of those and we loved that. Except babies hate hotels, and people in hotels hate people with babies. Sigh. But for a lot of the interviews we've had sweet, kind friends that he has stayed with. We rank these programs and the programs rank their applicants, then a computer matches everyone up to their bast case scenario. We'll find out the results on January, 25th. Luckily we have the holidays and family time to help the waiting speed by.

We had quite a few days at home without Michael during it all, and that gets rough. But honestly it was probably a good prep for what residency will be like -- we are not going to see as much of Michael over the next four years as we did during dental school. This picture is Westin with an ear infection at an unexpected trip to the pediatrician. Sick babies are so sad!

Michael has worked so hard and I'm so grateful for him. This interview process has been really draining, and I just admire how much he continues to do his best at everything that he has on his plate. Westin loves him so much, and I love watching those two. We are excited to enjoy next semester together before a busy residency. It feels great to have interview season behind us and strange to start the waiting game. We're excited to spend time in Cedar City and Louisville with family this month. That's the happiest distraction we could have.

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  1. Oh I was just thinking about you guys being done! Hooray! You guys are awesome! Love you lots!! (P.S. I am thinking you need a family pic in front of the GG Bridge. Just saying. :))


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