Thursday, September 24, 2015

My Little Buddy {Mom Post}

It has been far too long since I put an update about little Westin on here. He is such a happy little boy, and I love having a little companion around all the time! He even makes grocery shopping fun, and if you know anything about how much I don't like grocery shopping, then you know that's a big statement. Let's just kick this off with a shot of his classic straight-lined smile that he frequents:

Westin is 10 months old this week. I don't get it. He's still my baby, you guys, and he knows it. There is no sign of crawling, hardly any scooting -- and to be honest, he just stopped wanting to be swaddled about a month ago, and finally started rolling once in a while at about the same time. He's just a big baby and I love him for it.

Books are his life. I can't even imagine the plane rides we've taken without books to occupy that little guy the whole time. He went on a tour of the Indianapolis Temple before it was dedicated and he was LOUDLY happy, and books were all that could keep him semi-quiet. Photos of animals, double points with Westin.

He has mad love for that binky. He's not particular about how he uses it, he just wants it around. I love when he takes this cigar-like approach above. 

I love my mornings with him. He eats a bran muffin every day and is pretty enthusiastic about it. Then he'll take some fruit or yogurt but the high point for him is definitely that bran muffin. He's still nursing and hasn't had a bottle in months because I lost all patience for pumping. I give him a sippy cup with his meals but he just think I'm being really nice and giving him a toy with his meal. No sipping is happening there. Sometimes Michael squirts the water into his mouth from it, and that amuses him, but the idea still hasn't really clicked.

Westin's whole body goes into hyperactive mode when he sees his dad get out of the car after school. He kicks his legs, bounces, moves his arm, sometimes shakes his head all at the same time and just can't wait to play with his dad. Oh, and he usually has the same reaction when Kitty comes somewhat near him. She usually remembers to keep her distance (for her own peace) but once in a while gives him a little love.

Westin loves car rides, so much. He's so entertained just looking out his window, twirling his binky. He has really started to love food in the last month, especially chicken and guacamole. Chipotle has fed this kid a good portion of his meals, and he doesn't complain about it.

He has the biggest brown eyes, and such a sweet smile to go with them. Usually it's a straight line or a wide open mouth. He loves baths, and loves his crib. I hear him having a good time in that crib for a good little while before and after every nap. It's hard (read: pretty much impossible) to get him to take a nap anywhere else. Sundays are the hard days -- this kid crashes hard after church because he just will not fall asleep on anyone anymore.

This picture is when he turned 9 months. That day blew my mind -- I just kept thinking how much faster the 9 months with him felt compared to the 9 months of pregnancy. There are a lot of reasons that go into that. Life is so much better with Westin here!

Our typical schedule right now is a slow morning starting at 7:30 -- books, breakfast, playing, cleaning. Then Westin takes a nap for about an hour before we head out -- the Zoo, Children's Museum, library, mall, grocery store, one of our usual haunts. Then, it's back home for nap number two. Then we basically just kill time outside waiting for Michael to come home and play with us. It's not a busy life, but it goes by fast and feels really happy. I don't like to pack too much into days because I like following Westin's cues and I am discovering the power of less.

Westin's favorite toy is whatever you're holding. The newspaper, a phone, just anything you have is what he wants. He's no dummy. He's still wearing 9 month clothes but slowly changing to 12 month onesies just because I am accepting that squeezing him into clothes that barely fit him won't keep him little longer. It just makes him look a little chubbier. Also a win, though, I think.

Here's a shot of one of our mornings, usually he catches up on farm tools (upside down) while I catch up on the news before we head down for breakfast.

We bought a bike trailer on Craigslist and finally used it for the first time a couple weeks ago. He loved it! Mostly. It was a new experience, but if I was riding next to him he seemed to really like it. We have missed our bike rides, so it was fun to hit the road as a family of three for the first time!

Westin is just growing up so fast. He's a very content, observant, happy little boy, and I am amazed at how many times I find myself saying a little prayer every single day thanking God that Westin is my baby. I'd do anything for this kid.

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